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61 N. Merrimon Ave. Suite 105
Asheville, North Carolina 28804
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Asheville, NC
I love being able to drop in whenever I want. I love the variety of exercises each time I come. I love all of our instructors. And I really love that it is just a 30 minute workout that you can make as challenging as you like!

Asheville, NC
Consistent, challenging, great atmosphere

Asheville, NC
The coaches, the workouts, the community...that the workout is only 30 minutes!!

Asheville, NC
I love the awesome trainers, and I flat out love kickboxing. It is also a nonjudgmental environment.

Asheville, NC
Personal trainer time, I can go at my own pace

Asheville, NC
It’s a quick, yet efficient total body workout.

Asheville, NC
I love the environment, the trainers, the community and the opportunity to come and destress on my time. With no class times, you get individualized attention and you come when you can! Not to mention it is only 30 minutes for an amazing workout!

Leicester, NC
My 9 Round (North Asheville) has the best, most positive and encouraging trainers I’ve ever experienced in a gym. Growing up in sports, I am used to fast paced and high intensity workouts. That also made going to the gym on my own hard because I didn’t really know what to do and I was not motivated. The folks at 9 Round keep me focused mentally and physically and I always want to come back! It’s a team at 9R and they want the best for everyone. It’s a great place to find your strength!

Marshall, NC
I have had gym memberships for years and suffered through the same boring routines that were not only monotonous but yielded minor results. Since joining 9Round a mere month ago, I can say my life is changed. Instead of dragging myself to the gym a few days a week and counting the minutes until it's over, I am eagerly making every attempt to get to 9Round every day, and can honestly say I look forward to it. The routines are engaging and challenging, the staff is incredible, patient and super supportive. They really meet you where you are and make you feel accepted and empowered. After 30 days my mental state is much improved, my self confidence has grown, my energy levels are higher than ever, and my body is proving it can be stronger and more capable than I was expecting in such a short time. I am truly gaining so much more than I thought a gym could provide, and I will do whatever I can to make sure this is a lasting routine in my life from here on out.

Asheville, NC
I love the encouraging community and having a trainer to help you throughout your entire workout. I get 10X more out of 9 rounds than a normal gym.

since it changes daily you never get tired Of the same routine! It’s fun and you get results!

Asheville, NC
No class times is a huge help to a busy schedule! The trainers are awesome, positive and welcoming environment! And always a great workout!!

Asheville, nc
its focused and quick and a great way to get a high energy workout

Asheville, NC
Going to Nine Rounds is an awesome experience with great trainers. The workouts are always fun and challenging

Burnsville, NC
Love the fact that I can get a full body workout in 30 minutes. The workouts are never dull and the atmosphere is uplifting and fun. The trainers are always there to help with the different exercises and are very encouraging too!

Asheville, NC
The trainers at 9Round are always on top of it. They notice when I have a question or need assistance and are always there to motivate me to push myself. I have never felt judged or uncomfortable at my 9Round and am always greeted with a smile.

Jacksonville, NC
It's a quick workout but still a solid workout. Love the energy of the whole place.

Asheville, NC
That a trainer makes sure you have proper form and will modify the exercise if necessary.

Asheville, NC
I love the trainers and atmosphere!

Alexander, NC
The great trainers Shawn & Hunter. They are always going above and beyond to make sure you are doing things correctly, there if you have questions, & always making the workout fun! The fact that the workout is only 30minutes and easily burn around 500 calories. The workout itself is so beneficial, it targets every part of your body!