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300 S. Sharon Amity Rd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211
(704) 247-4105
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Charlotte, NC
Great work out and trainers. They challenge you but also let you set your own pace and limits. As the mother of a teen, I haven't felt this fit in years. I have thoroughly enjoyed 9Rounds Cotswold and wish I'd discovered it sooner!

Charlotte, NC
Great workout and I love that you can walk in anytime and start your workout.

Mooresville, NC
I love that I can come when it's best convenient for me and get a well rounded workout all within 30 minutes!

Rock Hill, sc
Staff, quality of workout, flexibility in scheduling!

Charlotte, NC
I love the convenience. I also love the trainers. I go to the Cotswold location in Charlotte, NC. Tyler, Vladimir are amazing. They make you feel like long time friends. They make you work hard. Ive had 2 hip replacements and they don't make you feel self conscious of things I'm unable to do they quickly modify the exercise for me. Love 9 Round! I also have severe arthritis and my doctor was not very hapoy with me but I LOVE IT!!

Charlotte, NC
I like that they work with you and you don’t feel alone. I was pretty intimidated going to the gym for the first time in a while and not knowing what to do. They show you all the moves and you get to go at your own pace. Whether I’m a beginner or advancing levels I’m getting stronger every time. It’s a good place and great management and staff. I love being on a first name basis with Tyler and Angel. They are wonderful and have made the experience worth coming every time!

Charlotte, NC
Trainers and flexible time

charlotte, nc
No class times, great coaches and variety of exercises. You get a full body workout every time.

Charlotte, NC
My favorite thing about going to 9round compared to any other gym, is that you get the personal trainer experience to help you learn new work outs and improve your form while working out your whole body instead of just one part. Also 9round is flexible with busy schedules, you can come in get your 30 minute workout and be on your way! Definitely recommend becoming a member at 9round Cotswold if you live in the Charlotte area!!

Charlotte, NC
Intense and flexible

Charlotte, NC
The trainers!! Wouldn’t be able to make it through my workout without them.

Charlotte, NC
Quick and efficient. Rarely do the same exercises so it keeps it fresh. No class schedule.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC
I love the camaraderie and trainers encouragement. I just re-enrolled after taking a hiatus; the trainers welcomed me back with open arms and positivity.

Charlotte, NC
The convenance of 9Round is awesome. 30 minutes and you feel like you have actually accomplished something. The best part of 9Round has to be the trainers. They are great motivators, kind and professional.

Marina del Rey, CA
No class times and great workout in 30min. No matter how fit you are you can push yourself enough each round to be exhausted. I love it!

Charlotte, NC
Only 30 minutes. High intensity work out new workout every day and no class schedule you come when convenient and one on one with trainer boxing rounds.

Charlotte, nc
I enjoy the ability to walk in and start my work out within minutes. Each time I go in there are different stations and this keeps it fresh and new. I also feel that I’m learning how to do these exercises from the coaches that are there to help.

chatlotte, NC
It gives me energy and happiness, I love it!

cullowhee, nc
I love all the trainers, and how willing they are to work with individuals.