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4730 Centennial Blvd, Suite 101
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
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Colorado Springs, Co
good workout in half an hour

Colorado Springs, CO
The encouragement and tips on how to improve or what to change to do better are so helpful!

Colorado springs, co
I love joe one of the trainers there.

colorado springs, co
9 Round is a great way to get a killer workout in. It only takes 30 minutes, however, you can do more if you like. The trainers make it fun as well.

colorado springs, co
The trainers are awesome. Its a bunch of regular people working hard to good music. And the pad training / combo work is super fun. Melissa Joe & Becky are some super groovy cats.

co springs, co
Everything to the workouts to the atmosphere to the trainer. Really a good gym!!

Colorado springs, co
No class time and great trainers!! Can run through stations at anytime and trainers energetic and skilled!

Colorado Springs, CO
It’s convenient! You can start your workout right away and I always feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end.

Colorado Springs, CO
The work out and support through my work out.

C/S, co
The enthusiastic coaches! When we do drills, it really helps keep me motivated and gets my heart rate up!

Florissant, co
I love the short amount of time, it's so convenient I do it on my way home from work! It's a super all over body workout, been burning about 100 calories every 10 minutes! It's building my strength and muscle definition quickly, which I love!! The trainers are really awesome too!

colorado springs, co
The trainers personal attention to your needs and their very positive, encouraging attitudes. Also no class times.

Colorado City, CO
All of the 9Round trainers are very positive and encouraging. The trainers show me the exercises at each round. If I am not doing an exercise correctly the trainers help me correct the exercise in a positive way. I know I will get a killer work out every time I go to 9Round.

colorado springs, co
It's nice to not have any class times and to have a quick, effective workout. The trainers are fun and I like that the workout is different each time you go.

Colorado Springs, CO
Great workout and great trainers!

Colorado Springs, CO
The excellent encouraging upbeat trainers

Divide, CO
Positive, upbeat, never boring!

Lutz, FL
The trainers were amazing!!!!! I like this 9 round even better than my home gym!!!!!

Colorado Springs, CO
I have never had such an intense, awesome workout. This place has changed and is continuing to change my mind and my body. The trainers are so engaged and so helpful

Colorado Springs, CO
No set class times