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340 Rt 34 Unit #117
Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722
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Tinton Falls, NJ
I love the experience, the quick workouts and the team is wonderful.

Freehold, NJ
Being a member at 9Round has been an AMAZING experience for me! I feel stronger after every workout and the trainers definitely give you the support you need to get through all 9 rounds. I love that every day the workouts are different which challenges me to be better and push harder than the day before. I also love that there are no class times, because with my crazy work schedule I'd never be able to get a workout in otherwise. It's definitely worth checking this gym out for yourself especially because your 1st workout is free! You'll see first hand how awesome it really is and how life changing it can really be! Tell em' Tiger sent you! See you at 9Round!

Neptune, NJ
How empowering it is! My trainers Bethany and Joey push me to be better and try harder with each workout. I am coming back to working out after a long sedentary few years and 9 round has given me motivation, strength and confidence. It is a safe space where for 30 minutes I am focusing on myself and building up endurance, constantly improving my form and CHOWing my way through my workout so I can continue my journey towards being a healthy Mom, wife and self. I am so grateful to have found a place to hand my gloves at 9 Round! Try it— you will love the way it makes you feel !

Colts Neck, NJ
Rule #1...we do not talk about 9Rounds

Freehold, NJ
The coaches are phenomenal. I love the idea of being able to workout whenever I want because there are no set classes. And it takes only 30 minutes to get an awesome workout. I love it!

Middletown, NJ
You can join quickly. You do not have to wait for a class. Exercises are varied.

Holmdel, NJ
It’s a great workout. There’s no stop to the flow, the trainers are attentive and encouraging, and the duration is perfect.

Colts Neck, NJ
Great trainers, no class times and you see and notice the difference!

Freehold, NJ
You can work out anytime you want

Colts Neck, NJ
It’s the best kind of intense workout in the shortest amount of time, with some of the most engaging, positive trainers I’ve met! Super fun and varied way to get a good full body workout!

colts neck, nj
The trainers and the effectiveness of the workouts

red bank, nj
It’s done in 30 minutes and feels like I got a great workout in every single time

Maple ave, nj
Trainers very knowledgeable and nice.

Colts Neck, NJ
Quick full body workout

coltsneck, nj
works whole body, like having a personal trainer without the cost, the time

Ocean, nj
Definitely the workers there and the energy they give off

Colts Neck, NJ
Full-body workout and variety of rounds in only 30 minutes!

Colts Neck, NJ
9Round makes my son feel like a superstar. On top of getting amazing and effective workouts in quickly (Or not so quickly, as he tends to do two and sometimes 3 in a row), he feels valued and appreciated by the staff. Speaking of the staff, they are all AMAZING! They inspire, motivate, praise, congratulate, guide, push and empower my son to be the best he can be. Lastly, my son has lost a considerable amount of weight quickly while building stronger muscles, achieving an increased level of endurance and an increased level of self-esteem and confidence. He feels so good about himself and looks forward to going to 9Round on a regular basis. After observing my son's results and how much 9Round has improved his overall wellness, my husband has decided to join! Now, they're training together! Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our community! Janeen

Colts Neck, NJ
I love that everyday the workout is different and that there are no class times. You just start when you get there.

I love that it’s a different work out everytime you go so there’s no chance of being bored.