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285 Columbiana Dr., Suite J
Columbia, SC 29212
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I love the fact that it is a full body workout done in 30 minutes. I love that there are caring coaches who demonstrate, encourage and help you through the stations.

COlumbia, SC
I love the personal attention during the workout. The 2 trainers are very encouraging! They make the workout fun and instructional!

Columbia, sc
Excellent trainers.

n cola, sc
I absolutely love 9Round! By far the longest I have ever stayed with any kind of exercise. Everyday is different , fun, and challenging. We went through a rough time with some trainers, but Jacob and Trell have been a breath of fresh air. They are both very knowledgeable, involved, and motivating! I like that our location has been more involved with social media lately. I think that is key to advertising and hopefully getting more members in there. If there is any advice I would give, it would be to look at what some of the other locations are doing. A few of the places I follow seem to have many more members than we do and I can't help but worry about the longevity of our gym at times. These places seem to do more different type things to help keep people more motivated and involved. Not only is this fun for the members, but it also helps when posted on social media to get others interested. Thanks for listening and I hope to still be a member many years from now!

Irmo, SC
I like a challenge, having a different workout every time . Sometimes it is not slot of people and I like that sincebitnismlike having s personal trainer. There is not time to socialize . Just work hard sweat hard and go home. I like when the trainer is enthusiastic, even if I am the only one there.

Almost every single time I work out, I'm sore a day or two later-in a good way!