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2700 S Zero St Suite 6
Ft. Smith, Arkansas 72908
(479) 522-0236
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Lavaca, AR
I love that I get a fast, effective workout in on my lunch break! The workouts are targeted and productive and I don't even have to think about them. Just show up, kick butt and feel strong throughout my entire day!

Fort Smith, AR
Very intense and friendly staff

pocola, ok
Love the atmosphere & training

Fort Smith, AR
No class times!

Cameron, ok
It is a great way to get in an excellent workout in thirty minutes.

Fort Smith, AR
No class times!

Pocola, Ok
Awesome trainers there every step with you to encourage and instruct

Fort Smith, AR
It is fun and fits my schedule.

Barling, AR
Good quality work out and upbeat staff

Simpsonville, SC
I love the workouts but I really love the warmth and friendliness of the trainers. Every one greets you at the door, asks about your day and urges you to go a little farther than you thought you could.

Greenwood, AR
I joined 9Round because I had motivation for an upcoming vacation. I have two kids and don’t have a whole lot of time to spend at the gym. Nor the time planning what I want to do at the gym trying to mix it up so I’m not doing the same thing and getting bored with it and still getting results. Several coworkers recommended this place, so I did the FREE week trial to see if it was a good fit for me and it was a challenging yet an enjoyable workout...even though I felt awkward and clueless doing some exercises I have never done before. But I joined anyways. One month in and I was hooked! I LOVE that these workouts are quick enough to do them on my lunch break, challenging enough that I get results, and have a trainer that pushes me! Every workout my butt gets kicked and I always feel like I had a great workout! The best part is I have no stress planning my workout because it’s different every day and I’m always learning something new and I now have the desire to work out!! Not only that but I can do my workouts during the week and freeing up my weekend for my family without feeling like I need to workout 6-7 days/week to meet my fitness goals! Thanks to 9Round and their trainers (Barrett and Rani) for getting me in the best shape I’ve been in a long time.

hartford, ar
It only takes 30 minutes

Fort Smith, AR
It's fun and fast. By the time you are tired and can't go on, you are switching to a new round! I like that I don't have to plan a workout. It is already done for me! The trainers are great and amazing! Everyone is super nice and extremely helpful. The trainers are encouraging, they know everyone by name, and they know their stuff! Plus, they make sure you do not give up! Fun workouts! Great atmosphere! Wonderful trainers! I am happy that I joined 9Round!

Rogers, AR
That the trainers work along side you by encouraging you and work with you on some of the rounds.

Fort Smith, AR
I love the flexibility of when I can go to the gym, and that I have a trainer to keep me accountable! I love the workouts!!!

Fort Smith, AR
Awesome workout with trainers.....never the same workout. No getting tired of the same thing over and over again and getting burnt out.

Pocola, OK
9Rounds can look intimidating from the outside but once you try it you fall in love with working out. Working out is something I look forward to every day! I love the atmosphere, the trainers, and most of all how I feel when I leave after a great workout! The trainers assist, demonstrate and guide you through your workout. The trainers strive to help you make the most of your 30minute workout, they work with you on your strength level, you are not compared to others, they work with you on your level! It is always a sweaty good time!

Fort Smith, AR
I love going to 9 Round!! All the trainers are very knowledgeable and encouraging! Just what I need to stay motivated throughout my workout and the week. I always leave feeling so empowered and proud of myself!

Hackett, AR
The work out changes every day and of course you have a trainer there to help motivate you. I love 9round!

fort smith, ar
The trainer, Jennifer! Having a great workout while being instructed on form and having a great motivator is the perfect combo!