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2609-6 South New Hope Rd.
Gastonia, NC 28056
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Mount Holly, NC
I love that I get a full body workout in 30 mins that is different every day and never boring! & I love that the trainers push me to crush new goals.

Gastonia, NC
Great staff, great location, great workout!!!!!

Belmont, Nc
All of the trainers are there for you!! They want to see you work hard and get a good workout. There is no judgement while you work out. I’ve learned so much about how to maximize my workout and also some self defense with the kickboxing aspect of the workout. It’s a better alternative to working out if running on a treadmill just isn’t cutting it anymore!!

Dallas, NC
All of it, it gives you a great workout in 30 minutes and the staff is awesome

Gastonia, nc
I love how much better I feel. I have more energy and feel less stressed out.

Cramerton, NC
Everyday is a new way to shape and strengthen your body.

Gastonia, NC
Everything, great personable trainers, its a different workout everyday, feeling better physically, its 30 minutes.

Gastonia, NC
I love the interaction with staff, and its an awesome workout in 30 minutes and its always different and challenging!!

Gastonia, NC
I love the trainers. They know me by name at the gym. They know how to get most of out of the work out and make it fun! There is not a class time so I'm never late.

Gastonia, NC
Time flexibility, exercise when you the time.

Charlotte, NC
The trainers are all very dedicated and innovative when it comes to personalizing the workouts. They make sure everyone is challenged at an appropriate level for their fitness ability.

Charlotte, NC
It’s 30 minutes, there is a trainer to help and correct and encourage, it’s different everyday

Gastonia, NC
Having trainers to keep you motivated.

Gastonia, NC
The attentiveness and enthusiasm of the staff and the fact that I can get in, get a great workout and I'm out in 30 minutes.

Belmont, NC
I love that I get a 30 minute workout that changes every day and you keep moving in between rounds. This is a full body workout with knowledgeable trainers. The staff is great!!! Thank you 9 Round for results!!!

Gastonia, NC
Trainers environment

Belmont, nc
The trainers and the atmosphere is amazing! I hate that I’m moving I’m definitely going to miss it !

dallas, nc
The one on one attention I get every work out

Gastonia, Nc
The trainers are great and they work with you if you have anything going on

gastonia, nc
My trainers who are awesome! Shawna, Maegan, and Andrea!!