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1012 NE Park Dr
Issaquah, Washington 98029
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Recent Reviews:

sammamish, wa
Hours, flexibility and great trainers!

Fall City, WA
The community - all the people staff and felllw gym members feel like friends

Issaquah, Wa
The Trainer/Mitt Work. It's always fun working with the trainers. I will do all the other rounds, but I always look forward to that. If we can get more hands on interaction, that would make our workouts that much more fun!

Sammamish, wa
I can workout when it works for me. The trainers know how to encourage me. Best of all is walking into the gym and being greeted enthusiastically by name!

Covington, WA
I like the staff, James and Chelsey really make me motivated to come in and work out. The make my workouts more enjoyable.

It’s only 30 minutes and you get an intense workout for a lot of muscle groups. Not to mention the trainers are really awesome and a great help!

Issaquah, WA
All the trainers are super helpful and it’s always the best workout!!

Sammamish, WA
Schedule and staff

Issaquah, WA
Enjoy the trainers. Other members are good folks. Hand pad training is the best round

Issaquah, WA
Time flexibility, availability of instructors at anytime and great workouts in 30 mins. What else you need?

Issaquah, WA
Love the people and trainers. Everyone is so nice and cheers each other on. The trainers make sure you know what your exercise is and how to do it properly

Sammamish, WA
The convenience of the workout availability and the multiple varieties of workouts on a daily basis that is offered. A full workout in 30 minutes, morning, afternoons, and evenings!

Sammamish, WA
I love being able to come in at anytime that is convenient to me and get a good work out in 30 min.

Sammamish, WA
Trainer are great

issaquah, wa
I love my 9 round gym! I love that the workout changes each day, I love what I feel energized after I workout and I love that I have a trainer to help Motivate me!

Employees are great!

Issaquah, WA
9round is a great full body cardio workout, in an easy amount of time (35-45 minutes per session- in and out the door). You build both strength & cardio, and it is fun/ challenges your brain too with learning about boxing and kickboxing fitness!

bellevue, WA
I love the trainers positive attitude s!

Issaquah, WA
The trainers are very nice. I like so much this gym. You can do news exercises every time.

Sammamish, WA
Hanging our with the trainers. Place is clean and friendly and always a great workout.