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8907 S Howell Ave, Unit 1000
Oak Creek, WI 53154
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Oak Creek, wi
workouts are intense and the trainers are great...

Oak Creek, WI
Great trainers, killer workouts and early morning hours that jive with my schedule.

Cudahy, WI
Different everyday and the trainers care!

Oak Creek, WI
Every day is a new workout.

Oak Creek, WI
Trainers are awesome and motivating! Owners are super involved. Workouts are different every day but still familiar. So glad to be back!!!

Oak Creek, WI
Motivating, friendly, conscientious trainers

Franklin, WI
Good, different work out every time, and staff is friendly

Franklin, Wi
Trina and Jerry are making sure everyone is safe when working out at 9 round plus my muscles missed hitting the bags.

Oak Creek, WI
The interaction with trainers. They push you while making sure you don’t sacrifice form

Franklin, Wi
Fast paced calorie burning work out. Every day something new

Caledonia, WI
I love the attention you get from the trainers. They motivate me and make sure my form is correct. I love that the workouts are 30 minutes and I’m worn out after my workout . It’s great not having to come up with what I’ll do at the gym, I’m told what I’m doing and don’t have to figure that out. Most importantly I love there aren’t class times. This is the main reason I signed up for 9Round. I know we are scheduling our time temporarily but I’m hoping that ends soon. It’s MUCH more convenient to go when I want to.

Oak Creek, WI
Such a great workout! Always different, always challenging!

milwaukee, wi
Every day is different and the trainers push me to be my best!

Oak Creek, WI
There has been a very thorough cleaning process that I see throughout class while the instructors still make time to encourage, motivate and demonstrate during the workout. It’s been great to be back!!

Oak Creek, WI
Great people working together to stay healthy and improve their capabilities every session they participate in.

Oak Creek, WI
Fast intense workouts that fit my crazy schedule

Madison, SD
I love having trainers that push you to your limits. I also love how I can go workout at any time and the gyms I have talked to allow me to work out there when I travel and can't get to my "main" gym!

Oak Creek, WI
I love everything except the price and weekend hours. Great trainers, great workouts, great diversity in the workouts. Never boring

Caledonia, wi
I love that they plan the work out for me each day changing it up also. I also enjoy my friends at the gym.

Milwaukee, WI
There is a different set of workouts each time I go to work out. It keeps the mind and body working together to improve the overall self.