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4900 Libbie Mill East Blvd Suite 140/145
Richmond, Virginia 23230
(804) 415-6699
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Richmond, va
No class times! Trainers!

Glen Allen, VA
Fun, fast paced, always changing workout.

Midlothian, VA
The trainers. The ability to adapt the workout to my fitness level and aches and pains. 🤣

Crozier, VA
It’s fast, comprehensive, and the staff is supportive.

Richmond, VA
It is such a fun work out always challenging and never the same! Working on skills and feeling strong. 9Round is the best Jess is such a wonderful trainer keeping up with every one and always supporting and cheering us.

Richmond, VA
It’s accessibility! To be able to exercise based on my availability.

Richmond, VA
The intense workouts and friendly staff.

Richmond, VA
The trainers are great! Highly motivational, and fun people who really try to help you get the best put of your workouts. Being able to workout whenever I want is a huge benefit that I haven't seen with any other gym of this type. With 9Round I get a full-body, high-intensity workout EVERY time I go, and the feedback from the heartrate monitor ensures I'm getting the most out of my workouts. Best gym ever for someone with a busy life who doesn't have a degree in exercise science or a have a plan when they go to the gym.

Richmond, VA
I love the convenience of being able to show up whenever I want and jump right in. I love the trainer intervention - it's there when I need it but not breathing down my neck. The owner of the gym I attend is fantastic.

henrico, va
All the trainers are great. They motivate you on each round and makes sure you are improving as the day goes by.

Richmond, VA
no class times

Wilmington, NC
All one needs is 30 minutes 3 times a week. No set times. The staff is friendly, and helpful. The experience was exactly what the brand details within social media, and website.

Glen Allen, VA
I've never ever been able to stick to a workout routine. Ever. Because of the amazing trainers, varied workout, and results I've seen, I am always PUMPED to go to the gym and feel bad when I can't. It's become an integral part of my life.

The movement and round format

Glen Allen, VA
Being able to start a workout at any time. Also the workout is great, as are all the trainers!

Richmond, VA
It’s constantly a different workout. I like the challenge

Moseley, VA
Tge great workout and the trainers are awesome

Mechanicsville, VA
It’s quick, you can go and work out whenever you want, and you get personal attention. Also it’s fun!

moseley, VA
The total body workout. The trainers

Mechanicsville, VA
I love the flexibility of walking in any time of the day and jumping right in to my workout. I enjoy the variety at every round which is different on a daily basis. The trainers are awesome. Very encouraging and energetic. Always willing to assist you with your fitness goals. I couldn’t ask for a better place to workout. I love 9 rounds.