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4900 Libbie Mill East Blvd Suite 140/145
Richmond, Virginia 23230
(804) 415-6699
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Richmond, va
Love 9 round!

Midlothian, VA
No class times, great trainers, different workout everyday

Richmond, VA
Getting a great, full body workout in 30 minutes with a great trainer to lead and correct form and the ability to jump into a station directly upon arrival with no waiting for a class time. Plus the punching and kicking is great stress relief! Jess, Ed, Deb and the other trainers at the Libbie Mill location in Richmond, Va make every session count and make the experience fun and personal.

North Chesterfield, VA
Trainers are amazing! Workout is convenient and effective.

henrico, va
Facility is very clean, trainers are friendly and push you to your limit.

richmond, va
The trainers ALL have fantastic energy, explain the exercises SO well, and ensure that you are really pushing yourself!

Glen Allen, VA
This is the first time I've stuck to an exercise routine and felt EXCITED to go to the gym. Even when I'm tired or having a bad day, I make no excuses to go. I absolutely love it.

Richmond, VA
I love starting my mornings at 9Round!

Richmond, VA
It’s always something different. And it’s only 30 minutes

Moseley, VA
The trainers are great. It is such a productive work out in a short time frame. Absolutely love it

moseley, VA
It is a great work out in a short time period. Love the trainers. They make me feel like I can do anything the rounds throw at me.

Woodbridge, VA
The trainers are always so friendly! They don’t pressure you to do anything, but they still push you so you can achieve your goals.

Richmond, VA
Trainer at every work-out, super flexible start times, wonderful supportive community - both the trainers and the other members

Richmond, VA
It's only 30 minutes so there is no excuse not to go.

ashland, va
Go in and work out at any time, always a different workout and in and out in 30-40 minutes!!

Richmond, VA
Great trainer and a great workout

Swift progressions. Very friendly staff that get to know you and remember who you are.

Richmond, VA
I love the trainers. I love that I can come in at any time. I love that I KNOW I’m getting a great workout. I love that it’s only thirty minutes and I love my daily report.

Richmond, VA
Great trainers. The most fun workout. Done in 30 minutes. What more can you ask for?

wilmington, nc
Jessica was AWESOME. Fleeing the hurricane u was able to have 2 amazing workouts to level out my trip. Thanks