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14613 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, California 91403
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Sherman Oaks, CA
Monika, the trainers, no set gym class time, well-rounded workout that changes every day.

studio city, ca
I like that I can go in anytime, and have a trainer available to tell me exactly what to do.

Studio City, CA
I like the hands on and POSITIVE feedback from the trainers.

Los Angeles, CA
The thirty minute work out is easy for someone like me who isn't a fan of working out.

Sherman Oaks, CA
That you can go at any time, good treiners, excersizes are interesting, intensive and only 30 min long :)

Sherman Oaks, CA
The trainers are great! Super friendly and knowledgeable.

Sherman Oaks, Ca
That it’s a 30 minute workout. I am toning gaining muscles, improving my stamina, and doing something healthy for my body. Trainer are great.

Sherman Oaks, CA
It’s great.

Glendale, CA
The coaches are amazing, the workouts are challenging but fun, and the sense of community when your working out is motivating and encouraging

Valley Glen, CA
Two set class times...just cycle into the first round! And the trainers. The personal feel of having the trainers there.

Sherman Oaks, CA
The energy and support from the trainers and the others working out is incredibly uplifting. The environment is so positive--keeps me coming back! The 30-min circuit is an easy time commitment and i love that i can jump in any time -- NO PRESSURE!

Sherman Oaks, CA
small venue=no place to hide and not do my best. trainers are patient and knowledgeable.

Encino, CA
9Round is the best because you can go in anytime during the day to workout. The trainers are always upbeat, positive and ready to go! You are always doing something different and refining your techniques. I am so happy that I joined! Love me some 9Round! Highly recommend.

The training staff is incredible! They give great advice and are extremely motivating!

Los Angeles, CA
Personal attention from the trainers. No class times. Quick and efficient workout

Sherman Oaks, CA

Encino, CA
The people who work there, the results, etc. etc.

sherman oaks, CA
I like that you get a great workout in in just 30 minutes, no set class start time, that they change the workout daily, and that the trainers are fun yet push you.

sherman oaks, ca
Friendly environment Knowledgeable trainers Workouts are always different

Valley Village, CA
I love 9Round. Justin, our trainer, is absolutely AWESOME! What I love most about 9Round is the full-body workout, as well as a great cardio workout.