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164 Bondi Road
Bondi, NSW 2026
02 8004 5056
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July 18, 2017
london, WND
SOFferent workouts and really enthusiastic staff who really focus on technique
July 12, 2017
Bellevue Hill, NSW
Love the vibe and the friendly-ness! get an awesome workout without all the egos at some other gyms. I love it!
July 7, 2017
Bondi, NSW
I love the combination intensity and positivity
July 2, 2017
Sydney, NSW
It is fun and professional.
June 30, 2017
Zetland, NSW
Friendly and welcoming staff. Great workout.
June 22, 2017
Sydney, NSW
The trainers, the other people that attend -really down to earth. The quality of the classes and what I'm Looking forward to feeling leaner, fitter and stronger soon!
June 22, 2017
Sydney, NSW
June 21, 2017
Bondi, NSW
Personal touches from the trainers - especially Nick and Sian. They always remember names and what everyone is up to! I'm sure all trainers do but I see them the most!
June 21, 2017
Waverley, NSW
Different from what else is around, challenging ! Friendly welcome.
June 20, 2017
Vaucluse, NSW
The classes are amazing! I love them all. The trainers are fun, informative and supportive.
June 16, 2017
Bondi, NSW
Absolutely everything - trainers, environment, different themes fortnightly. Absolutely love it.
June 13, 2017
The amazing workout and the client customer experience with the trainers. Legends!
June 8, 2017
Bronte, NSW
Everyone at Agoga is so friendly & nothing is ever a problem, you can ask them any question & I dont think they haven't ever had an answer & if they didnt they would get back to you. All the staff have there own expertise, so you know who to go to for depending on whether its about diet or functional moves etc. The friends that I've made are great! I've been asked why don't I try this place or that place but I wouldn't bother when you find what works & you get great results you stick with it. Love you guys [FIRST NAME REMOVED] x
June 7, 2017
Dover Heights, NSW
It is a unique experience and a very fulfilling for the time then you feel like exercise and enjoy yourself as well
June 7, 2017
Sydney, NSW
I really like the motivation and how the classes push you. I am pretty unfit and behind my class mates but everyone is so focused on themselves and pushing for results, you don't feel so embarrassed but also like you need to try your best to keep up. Everyone is super lovely. Also great customer service. Nic is super quick to respond and help with any enquiries. Finally, the work out time flies, they are super tough but not left feeling in such pain that I cant work out for 5 days, something that was proving counter productive for me with previous Gyms. I shall probably increase my membership to unlimited at some stage !
June 6, 2017
Sydney, NSW
June 2, 2017
Bondi, NSW
Sometimes the classes can be a bit too hectic and difficult to find space to do excercie comfortably
May 31, 2017
Randwick, NSW
Staff and trainers
May 25, 2017
Sydney, NSW
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trainers at Agoga as they are all so very supportive, positive and just give out such a lovely vibe in general! Having a varied exercise regime is very important to me as I get bored quite easily and at Agoga, the routine changes every fortnight which keeps things fresh! I look forward to starting my week with the 6 am leaner class - always puts that extra spring to my steps and puts me in a positive frame of mind. Keep up the amazing work guys!
May 23, 2017
Sydney, NSW
The trainers.