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14579 Global Parkway
Ft. Myers, FL 33913
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Estero, FL
My dog is happy to arrive and still happy as I pick her up. She loves play time and all of the staff. I love the attention to detail, communication if needed while I’m away as well as the wonderful caring staff. They have my trust which is not easy when it comes to my sweet dog.

N/A, N/A
We have nothing but accolades for All American Pet Resorts of Fort Myers. We use this facility for play dates, overnight visits as needed, and for long vacations of 7-10 days. Our 60 pound, 4 year old Golden Doodle runs into the facility and doesn’t look back. Recently during an 8 day visit, Simon’s paw incurred a nail injury. We were notified, sent photos and kept abreast of treatment and Simon’s behavior and adjustments to the injury. He was lovingly nursed and enjoyed supervised play and special alone time treatments. We are totally satisfied and highly recommend this facility.

Fort Myers, FL
I love the people that care for my girls most of all! Being able to see my girls on web cams, being open 24/7 and the cleanliness of the facility are other important factors. My dogs have been going to All American Pet Resort for a long time and they love it, too!

Lehigh Acres, FL
I absolutely LOVE All American Pet Resorts. I have recommended you for years and will continue to do so. I never doubt how my pets will be cared for and know for a fact when I pick them up they will be happy campers not scared or skiddish.

Estero, FL
Gears services towards pet's needs. Reliable and seems to take good care of pets. 24 hour availability.

Fort Myers, FL
Staff, playtime, staff, clean, bright environment, staff!

N/A, N/A
Your people are very responsive and caring

estero, fl
I dropped my dog off for daycare and thought she would be playing all day with other dogs. But for the 11 hours she was there she was locked in kennel for about 9 of the 11 hours she was there. She only had play time for 1/2 hour intervals a couple times that day. Had I of known this before I dropped her off I would not of left her there. That is not what I expected from daycare. I have used another facility for daycare before n my dog spent 90% of her time playing with other dogs ALL day long, not locked in a kennel.

lehigh acres, pa
Always excellent care my dog is very untrustworthy and doesn’t trust many people but she seems to Love everybody there and they send me pictures and she looks absolutely happy and all those pictures and I get awesome little report cards that let me get a little glimpse of her time there. They cut her nails great, and bathe her grade and I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about this place. It’s wonderful. And they are very accommodating to your schedule.

bonita springs, N/A
Our beloved dog comes home happy!

estero, fl
The staff pays attention to my Jenny. Plus I can pick her up any time . The 24 anytime is the reason I did not use the new kennel on 41 in Estero. They close at 5 pm.

Ft* Myers, FL
We’ve been customers for over five years. The professional and caring staff has always made us feel good about the care our dogs receive while there. Also, the 24 hour availability for pick-up and drop-off is very convenient.

Fort Myers, FL
Your wonderful caring staff

N/A, N/A
Everyone is very nice and seem to care about the animals that they are taking care. My dog (Precious) loves going there and pulls me all the way in.

Fort Myers, FL
The fact that someone is there 24 hours a day, you can pick your pets when it’s convenient for you, staff does not change continually, friendliness and their love and care for the dogs. We have been going there for 6 years have never been disappointed

Ft Myers, Fl
personal touch, staff is always friendly and familiar with my dogs, my dogs are able to play and get exercise every day without getting charged extra like at some other dog kennels

N/A, N/A
Ease of being able to do drop off and pick up with our schedules. Unlike other locations that don’t allow early mornings or late evenings. Groomer is always available to do her nails!!!

estero, fl
People treat her very lovingly. . She seems happy there. I feel secure knowing she has 24/7 monitoring, and exercise/play/socialization.

fort myers, fl
Staff is great with our very needy dog.

N/A, N/A
More interaction and time out of their rooms