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4227 Delemere Blvd
Royal Oak, MI 48073
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My dog Norm absolutely loves coming here! He has a blast staying overnight and with all of the play sessions. Plus I can check in on him through the convenient cameras. The staff is super friendly and very accommodating to all of Norms random dietary needs.

Love this place. Never worry when the dogs are there

Well run. Friendly and attentive staff, clean facility, good attention to dog.

Everyone takes a personal interest in our dog, Ruger. If he’s done something funny or he is acting like something is wrong, we know about it. He loves going to the ‘resort’ because he has a lot of attention from pets and people. Worth every penny!

I have always had the BEST experiences with All American Pet Resort. My current pet likes to stay there more than being at home! He knows he is going when I am making up his food packets as he starts dancing about and anxiously awaits to get out the door to the car. Doesn't care about me when I pick him up. Goes out side door and runs around to go back in the front door. I feel so lucky to have such a great place for him. The staff is excellent. They are always in a good mood and take their jobs seriously. I know he is well cared for and is having fun. LOVE All American Pet Resort!!!

Your services are very personalized to the dog’s needs. The staff knew my dog’s name from the first day. My dog comes home happy every time!

You always take great care of my dog and he always comes back very clean and tired out, which I appreciate.

Friendly staff who genuinely love Mocha & all the pups! Mocha THRIVES with "office time" rather than large play groups. She comes home clean and happy and not exhausted... which matters to us, as she is a "senior" beagle.

The ability to call and check in on your pet basically anytime!! It’s not a standard “oh, your dog is good” but an actual report on them. The cameras are great. The 24 hour staffing is what keeps us driving 45 mins to/from every time!

They pamper my sweet Abby! They are always so sweet to her and recognize her as soon as I bring her in. She has a long list of medications and they are very good about making sure she gets all of them whenever I need to board her. I've also used the grooming services and Abby comes back looking so pretty. She is a Sheltie, so there is a lot of fur to comb. And they always do an amazing job!!

Do a good job... i feel my dog is well taken care of while i am away.

Every one is so friendly. I like the camera option for the daycare. And the grooming service is awesome. My dog is still a puppy he can be a handful, but they handle him care anyway. I had a bad experience with a groomer in the past that lead to surgery for a previous dog, so it's important that I feel comfortable. I feel very comfortable plus my dog looks great once he is cut.


Friendly, efficient staff. The 24 hour camera viewing in all the areas. The cleanliness of the inside and outside.

The dogs love group play!

Caring staff

We enjoy the staff & the facilities are always so inviting. Always feels like we are checking our dogs into a little puppy hotel. 😄🐶❤

You have a Great Staff.. You Care about the Dogs that you are Watching Over. Grooming is also Wonderful, My Dog loves it , and he smells great when he comes home after a week or so stay. At My House all you have to say is Pet - Ritz and Our Dog goes Crazy , just like if you say Walk. I think it is One of the Finest Places for Your Pet to Stay thank you, Allen Calender

Every time that I have boared my two dogs, the staff has been kind , knowlegeable and personally attentive to the care of my dogs. I always recommend All American Pet Resort on Delemere.

Grooming is the best. My dog loves going there. Everyone knows my dog. I know she’s cared for.