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9047 W Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI 53214
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It's very professional

Your OT and PT therapists are great they work hard you make me work hard for sure like a i d and nurses doing a great job

The people that are working with my father in law seems genuinely interested in his progress. They are also working diligently to get him at a point to where he can ambulate on his own again. They initiated a conference call with the family and to update us on his progress. They also listened to any concerns we had, as well as answered any and all questions we had. Any follow up things that they said they would do is already being completed. Just waiting on one additional thing. However, it hasn’t even been 24 hours so no worries.

Close to home friendly staff

It seems very friendly. My husband has only been there a short time.So I don’t have a whole feel to give more of a answer

Staff is very carefully. And listen the clients. Also are very alert to any significant sitúation that may be is a danger for the clients and address immediately the concern.

Every medical professional I met was amazing! The recap of my career was appreciated each day. The handoff to the next nurse was great. Everyone on the same page. By far the best experience I have ever had when interacting with medical staff.

Don’t have any complaints

Thank you all,for caring for me .you all took the time to make sure I had all the love and comfort.

I know I complain all the time about being tortured in therapy, but its the best I've had! I wish they'd go back to the menus. There are some things I can't eat with only one tooth or, just plain hate.

First and foremost, the staff who cares for my sister is doing a wonderful job. I prefer that she continue receives care from this facility. I prefer not to send her anywhere else once she leaves the hospital.

Overall, you all have excellent workers, we greatly appreciate what you guys do for Medina for the most part.

It's a beautiful place and my son antoino [LAST NAME REMOVED] stay there and yall take very good care of him I love it 💟😘

From what my sister says our cousin is happy and content there at Allis are.I appreciate the telephone calls on my cousin condition and her care.Thank You.

I like the service, the staff is very friendly and nice.

Best therapy I've ever had! Drs are great, caring and friendly and the CNAs are wonderful.

Professional work guys are doing

Overall, I think the staff is doing a wonderful job but there is one particular product l wish the Doctor and the Nurse Practitioner would consider getting this product authorized. The product that I'm referring to is green tea. Oh by the way, there is some green tea in my sister, Medina's room. I'm not only her sister, I'm her guardian as well. If this product should become authorized, l would like for it to be given to her once a week, 1cup very warm , not boiling hot, no sugar added. These are tea bags.

The staff is very helpful, friendly and courteous towards me. Upon visiting the facility, I noticed cleanliness. This is very important.