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9047 W Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI 53214
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Overall, you all have excellent workers, we greatly appreciate what you guys do for Medina for the most part.

It's a beautiful place and my son antoino [LAST NAME REMOVED] stay there and yall take very good care of him I love it 💟😘

From what my sister says our cousin is happy and content there at Allis are.I appreciate the telephone calls on my cousin condition and her care.Thank You.

I like the service, the staff is very friendly and nice.

Best therapy I've ever had! Drs are great, caring and friendly and the CNAs are wonderful.

Professional work guys are doing

Overall, I think the staff is doing a wonderful job but there is one particular product l wish the Doctor and the Nurse Practitioner would consider getting this product authorized. The product that I'm referring to is green tea. Oh by the way, there is some green tea in my sister, Medina's room. I'm not only her sister, I'm her guardian as well. If this product should become authorized, l would like for it to be given to her once a week, 1cup very warm , not boiling hot, no sugar added. These are tea bags.

The staff is very helpful, friendly and courteous towards me. Upon visiting the facility, I noticed cleanliness. This is very important.

They care about what your going thru, they will get you answers. Loving, caring and respectful.

Staff and cleanliness are really on point!

The staff is friendly and makes phone calls keeping family updated on their loved ones there at Allis. Care

The patients are satisfied and appear to be content Please do not share my name

What I'm most impressed with is the fact that every time I would ask about my love one, there's never a sign of hesitancy shown, l'm always notified by the staff if something goes wrong or well, if there has been any significant changes in anyway regarding the condition. I also appreciate the friendliness of the staff as well. Whatever you all are doing, it works. Keep on doing what you doing. You all are doing a wonderful job!

The Staff at Allis Care Center have been professional, very accessible for questions and information. The Allis Staff has been in contact with me right from the start of my brother’s admittance. Also immediately care, a balanced diet and therapy was giving to my brother, Having the good contact with the staff for the well-being of my brother is important to me. Aimee B

My 98 year old cousin is content with her care at Allis Care and the worker and supervisors keep me informed of Dorothy McAnulty' condition.

The reason I like this facility so well is because of the warm reception I get when I speak to the staff on the phone. Whenever I ask about something regarding my sister Medina, no one ever shows me any sign of hesitancy as for asking my questions. I thank them for it. Please keep up the good work!

The food is good and the care is good We also like the feedback on what is happening at the care center

All services under one roof. Assistance from social services. But some lag in response.

Thank you all for the kindness you've all have shown based on the phone conversations I've had with some of you all.