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TYRONE, PA 16686
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October 22, 2016
Very fast service, they deliver with out disturbing my family, great driver watches out for my dog to be out at times and drives very slowly around my home, always great customer service if and when I need to call. Only complaint I have is I have been one of your customer's for over 10 years and this past year my old tank meter stopped working and I could not tell if I was low and we get charged extra if our tank is empty? I feel this is wrong because it is not my fault your equipment was no longer working properly. Well this is no longer a problem now. Also they did exchange my tank for a much smaller one due to only needing propane for my stove now since we changed out our propane hot water tank to electric. So I tried to use my propane sparingly not only because it's now a smaller tank but I am disabled and I lost my husband in an accident last May he was hit by a Truck and killed so my income is only my disability less then 800 a month. After being one of your customer's for over 10 yrs You send me a bill in the mail for over 100.00$ for NOT ordering propane in 6 months? This made me very upset but I called and was told they would take that payment away. Please understand my situation I am now struggling to live alone on less then 800 a month. I would like to continue staying with your service but if I get charged again for not ordering propane I will request you to come take your tank and I will use another propane dealer. [NAME REMOVED]
October 22, 2016
Well i was little tired of getting all the information out and they put me on a program they i get ever year.
October 22, 2016
They brought the propane.
October 20, 2016
If i think im getting low on gas i give them a call they send someone out to check and see if it needs to be refilled or not.