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2480 E 146th Street
Carmel, IN 46033
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Carmel, Indiana
The staff and teachers do a great job, and I really like the variety of offerings. My daughter really enjoys it!

Carmel, Indiana
Caring people Organized program Great opportunities

Everyone is so friendly and helpful here and really excited to bring music into the kids World. Stephen is my daughter drum instructor and he gives great feedback after each class and does an amazing job connecting with his students.

All the variety of instruments (Inc. voice) and programs for all ages. We do wish that Rock City was more hands on instruments and learning what each instrument is with their sound. The learning of slow and fast, treble and bass, etc. but we really want our child learning more about the instruments and sounds to get a better idea of where is interest is. Thank you.

Variety, not intimidating, flexible, curriculum

Classes are “Taylor”ed to what my 10-year old daughter is interested in. She asked for a guitar for Christmas, started classes with Chris in January and leaves every session with a smile. Chris started her off with two Taylor Swift songs, which captivated her right from the start.

Great teachers who know their stuff. Flexible curriculum so you're not tied to rigid lesson plans. Something for everyone.

Noblesville, Indiana
I like the flexibility (make up bin), variety of instructors, if an instructor is unable to be there others fill in for them, individual music classes as well as group / band offering classes are offered and the environment (you can tell how much everyone values music).

We really love Bach to Rock and our son’s drum teacher, Mr. Daniel!

Great friendly atmosphere, awesome instructors and happy staff!

Westfield, Indiana
The friendly environment, staff is amazing, my son has made a lot of progress in drum under the supervision of Miss Emma. We love her so much and the way she teach our son. Emma is amazing, so as Karren, kerby, and Emily.

Carmel, Indiana
I love your teachers, your flexibility and friendly and creative atmosphere! My daughter always looks forward to her classes at B2R

Westfield, Indiana
My son loves going to guitar lessons. His teacher is wonderful. All of the staff are very welcoming and kind.

Great teachers

Westfield, Indiana
Love the flexibility and love our teacher! Thank you!

The teacher is super patient and engaging with my student.

The teacher and staff are very nice, and my son is being taught the drums in a way that he is enjoying it.

Stephen is great with Our son. Polite upfront and they do what they say with a great attitude.

Great teachers and lots of options

Flexible. Friendly, welcoming. Great teacher (Justin). Taylored the class to our son's neefs.