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1141 Church Street
Northbrook, IL 60062
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March 14, 2019
Jeffrey Calabrese
It is not so much the offerings as it is the quality of your teachers. I work with Bill and he is fantastic! He inspires confidence in my playing and has tremendous suggestions to improve my technique. He makes the mechanics of fretboard work much easier. Most importantly, he is genuinely interested in my success and progress as a guitarist. I appreciate this more than I can describe.
March 12, 2019
Creative program and super nice staff. Tina is great!
March 11, 2019
Our son loves the DJ class! He looks forward to going every week.
March 7, 2019
You have many different musical offerings and flexible times
March 7, 2019
Nicola Beazley
Great teachers and a good approach to learning
March 7, 2019
My son takes private keyboard lessons and absolutely loves it. The methodology is great and keeps him very interested.
February 28, 2019
Nick Corasis
Everyone is very friendly and helpful...Shout out to Doug, Tina, Jake, and Joe!!!
Response From B2R Northbrook
March 01, 2019
Thank you so much!
February 28, 2019
Northbrook, IL
Variety of musical offerings for all ages.
Response From B2R Northbrook
March 01, 2019
Thank you!
January 28, 2019
Erin Cooper
Northbrook, IL
My boys love their teachers and their classes! There is so much energy when you walk into Bach to Rock, kids are so excited to be there and have such an appreciation for music!
January 14, 2019
Jenny Palmer
Northbrook, IL
Every single person I have encountered at Bach To Rock Northbrook has been warm, friendly, and eager to help my children learn and grow with music. My son has been taking guitar lessons there for almost two years and has worked with a few different instructors. Every instructor has met his interests and needs with enthusiasm and helped him grow quickly as a musician. When my daughter expressed interest in learning the flute, she and I were both pleasantly surprised to find out that she could take lessons there as well. She is very excited to have her own 1 on 1 sessions just like her older brother and is learning the basics of flute after just two lessons. The organization's positive spirit, willingness to be flexible with schedules, and broad spectrum of talent is what keeps us coming back. I highly recommend this school for musicians of all types and ages.
January 14, 2019
Karyn Tefka
Many instruments available great teachers with a lot of energy who have a true love for music. Camps all year round Welcoming staff So close to home
December 26, 2018
Simone Soristo
Love the staff, variety of classes and flexible schedule!
December 11, 2018
Various offerings for young children
December 3, 2018
Northbrook, Il
We love Shaz
December 3, 2018
Amy Call
Deerfield, IL
My 10 year old son is having a blast while he is learning electric guitar techniques. Max is a great teacher, and connects with him well while playing rock music.
November 28, 2018
Irina Litinski
Long Grove, IL
The staff and teachers are amazing!!
October 26, 2018
Instructor, Mr. Shaws, was wonderful with my son. I highly recommmed him.
October 2, 2018
Every type of instrument is offered here! The teachers are fantastic!
September 18, 2018
Northbrook, IL
What a great party idea - 7 may be too young for the rockstar party though.
August 14, 2018
Vinita Patel
Northbrook, IL
Great class choices!