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Redmond, Washington
We love piano lessons with Barney. He also allows my son to explore other instruments in class as time permits. The staff is very focused on making music fun for all ages and it's a great experience.

Vicki is great, very patient with the children at piano class, and provides them with a positive experience. Connor filled in for our group one time and was great as well

Great experience so far, good classes, great teacher and staff. My daughter really likes her experience there.

Teachers have been great so far - attentive, caring. Love the variety of offerings.

Redmond, Washington
My son has been learning to play piano at Redmond Bach 2 Rock. He loves the lessons, and comes home able to do more than he could the day before, so he's definitely learning as well. Music is so important in a child's development, and we're happy we found such a welcoming place to get my son started off on the right foot.

Woodinville, Washington
Barney is the Best!

Redmond, Washington
I'll speak to the specific classes my son is taking - he's been in piano lessons with Barney for years now and they've been a blast. My son (7 years old) has a lot of fun in class and has been learning/growing tremendously the past six months once we went back to in person lessons. He looks forward to Piano classes every week. :)

Caring staff, accommodating and friendly. Great atmosphere when you walk in the door - the personalities of the staff make it a great experience.

Bellevue, Washington
The school has a standardized well-articulated curriculum. The teachers are polite but open about difficulties my children might be having with some of the material, which helps me help my children to overcome them.

Friendly staff !

My daughter is enjoying the class. She seems motivated to go to class. Enjoys weekly class and has been disappointed when we've had to miss out. That's a great from my point of view

Great staff! A little weird to take lessons as an adult but definitely a solid option.

Professionnel learning

Redmond, Washington
Very knowledgeable teachers and a friendly environment.

Committed staff and teachers! They have a true passion for music. My boys have been learning piano and drums for 3 years now and have show great progress.

All of the instructors have been engaging and competent. My daughter is very impressed with the teacher's "vibe" for electric guitar. She practices every night to be able to impress her instructor and looks forward to her lessons every week. Bach to Rock is definitely opening up the world of music to my daughter.

The kids can learn something new and have fun at the same time.

The staff is friendly. My daughter enjoys going, is having fun, and feels that people are supportive of her progress, and she's learning. Small items for improvement: Hard to find MyB2R link on main website. I found the website separately and logged in and then scoured the main site to find it. I did find it, but the link should be more prominent. Also, we had a rough start missing the first lesson since I thought my time was 30 minutes later. I was heading to the car to go to the lesson when I received a call that I was late. Although, in the end, the owner was understanding and allowed me to reschedule at no extra cost, my initial interaction with staff made me feel like the establishment is very rigid and there are no exceptions. I think that there should be a built in 1 time where families are allowed mistakes due to traffic issues, medical issues, or other life situations. While this may exist, it wasn't stated and would relieve anxiety if this was understood. Again, overall I think the place is great and we've had a very positive experience since our first issue. I will continue to use the business until my daughter changes interest or changes course. Thanks!

We like the friendly staff and flexibility in changing class dates when needed. Teachers are great!

My son loves learning keyboard classes here