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All of the instructors have been engaging and competent. My daughter is very impressed with the teacher's "vibe" for electric guitar. She practices every night to be able to impress her instructor and looks forward to her lessons every week. Bach to Rock is definitely opening up the world of music to my daughter.

The kids can learn something new and have fun at the same time.

The staff is friendly. My daughter enjoys going, is having fun, and feels that people are supportive of her progress, and she's learning. Small items for improvement: Hard to find MyB2R link on main website. I found the website separately and logged in and then scoured the main site to find it. I did find it, but the link should be more prominent. Also, we had a rough start missing the first lesson since I thought my time was 30 minutes later. I was heading to the car to go to the lesson when I received a call that I was late. Although, in the end, the owner was understanding and allowed me to reschedule at no extra cost, my initial interaction with staff made me feel like the establishment is very rigid and there are no exceptions. I think that there should be a built in 1 time where families are allowed mistakes due to traffic issues, medical issues, or other life situations. While this may exist, it wasn't stated and would relieve anxiety if this was understood. Again, overall I think the place is great and we've had a very positive experience since our first issue. I will continue to use the business until my daughter changes interest or changes course. Thanks!

We like the friendly staff and flexibility in changing class dates when needed. Teachers are great!

My son loves learning keyboard classes here

Great, very nice, and effective, the way the teacher worked with my 6-year-old son helping him learn piano as a beginner was commendable and awesome :) I would recommend BachtoRock Redmond to anyone who is looking for awesome summer camp piano classes for their kids.

Redmond, Washington
Very friendly teachers who understand which level the student is at and challenge accordingly.

Kirkland, Washington
This camp was so cute and a great value for all 3 of our kids.

Redmond, Washington
Flexible in offerings & times

Piano lessons are one of the thing my kid looks forward to every week. Peter is a great instructor. He has right mix of patience, fun and knowledge.

Good, especially for early learners ( kids)

good instructors for young kids

Our 3 years old daughter is extremely happy to join B2R every week, we are so happy to sign up up in the class.

Great place with a variety of musical activities, including bands. Friendly personnel and great teachers.

friendly staff, flexibility to change class time if needed for a week here and there, convenient

Willie is an excellent Trumpet teacher! My daughter enjoys their sessions and loves to play, thanks to Willie's guidance. She's had three teachers and her playing has progressed the most with him.

Andy has been a wonderful piano teacher to my son. He is very patient with him. Andy also makes sure to share the progress and teaching process with me so that we can replicate that at home as well. The B2R staffs are very friendly and it is very easy to get a make up class in case my son misses his class.

Thank you so much. As I look forward to learning more and more about music at each and every lesson. B2R makes music so much fun to learn.

Redmond, Washington
Wonderful teachers and great learning environment!

Redmond, Washington
Great flexibility on timings and online vs in-person classes. I wish there is also an option for 45 minutes classes which are good to transition from 30 min to 60 min classes.