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411 8th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

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Friendly, accessible and knowledgeable.

Washington, DC
Marco was very perceptive with his insights but also very respectful with boundaries. I had been very lethargic and bogged down. After my session, I definitely began to feel not only a spiritual but also a physical rejuvenation.

Very attentive and gentle. Very good teacher.

Beautiful studio, kind teachers, on time classes.

It was a great class and the instructor was helpful.

Alexandria, VA
I really enjoyed everyone's professional prompt especially when I was several minutes late.

Washington, D.C., DC
Laura's Ashtanga Flow class is amazing. All the teachers are helpful, warm, and kind. I'd recommend Be Here Now to anyone.

Washington, DC
The studio is comfortable, and the staff welcoming. I took a training with Danny, and going to his class reminded me how safe I feel in his classes! I learn so much everytime I attend class, or go to any of your wonderful teachers.

Washington, DC
Diversity of schedule (classes and times), welcoming environment

Washington, DC
Rhia is amazing!!! Fantastic prenatal yoga instructor :)

Washington, DC
Great atmosphere, excellent customer service and most importantly amazing instructors!

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Absolutely gorgeous space

Washington, DC
Be Here Now Yoga is an incredible place. The environment is a safe and welcoming, and the teachers are all encouraging. They foster an environment that encourages growth in the practice, without the expectations being too demanding. There are a variety of options of classes for students at every level, as well as many interesting workshops. I absolutely recommend this place to others.

St. Simons, DC
Friendly staff. Michelle gave an excellent massage. Price a bit steep but it is DC.

The teachers I have had class with are great, the props too, the space is comfortable, and I like that you provide mats and tea. I also like the class schedule and format (some classes 60 min and others 75). :)

The space is lovely. Cubby holes in the studio and cleaning supplies for your mat make it easy to come and go.

Washington, DC
I have attended 2 classes so far. Both instructors were welcoming, knowledgeable and their classes enjoyable and worth the time and effort. I’m a beginner so I need the beginner and gentle classes. I appreciate that Be Here Now Yoga offers a good variety of them at times of the day I can attend after work.

Washington, DC
I like the spirituality of the teachers. The are very grounded and present. They also do a great job at instructing and helping with positions. Also like the number and time slots for the various classes on the weekends and weekdays.

I always feel mentally and physically stronger after practice at Be Here Now!