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126 3rd Street
Ames, IA 50010
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Recent Reviews:

Great customer service, and reasonable prices.

Knowledgeable staff. ALWAYS.

Luke and Steve made my purchase of the correct mirror for my ebikes very easy. My wife and I live in Ankeny and are in southern Texas for the winter. There are a couple of great Trek shops nearby but they do not have the website and experienced folks that the Bike Worlds or Iowa have. Bike World made it easy to get the specific mirror I needed for the multi shaped handlebar on our Verve +3 ebikes.

Friendly, locally owned bicycle shop with a very community centered feel.

Greta service from Steve, very helpful

Steve is always friendly and honest with me. I would drive five hours just to do business with him!!

friendly service, fast and efficient too!

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Knowledgeable staff. Professional service.

Service was fast and friendly.

Prompt and Professional

Very friendly &very helpful with our questions. They have always been accommodating when taking our bikes in for service.

Friendly and knowledgeable

Attention to detail, customer is #1 and expert mechanics are always a known factor at Bije World Ames. Yesterday I bought my 4th bike from my local bike store and I was not disappointed. Steve is the best!

Great service! Very thorough and helpful. Overall, the folks at Bike World Ames are very communicative when repairing or working on bikes.

Great local bike shop with a good selection and friendly service. They are great problem solvers and will do whatever they can to get you what you need.

Helpful, great customer service

Our experience was great and the Bide World team was knowledgeable and accommodating.

Er uh, it’s pretty good! Sorry, I just woke up. Let’s see…. Um, OH! They fixed my flat for free and switched out the tread on my tires. They seemed to enjoy working there, and were very friendly. They fought off the invading Viking raid, and returned the magic idol to its temple! Thus releasing the curse on the village! Or maybe I just dreamed that last part, I’m tired.