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6324 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90803
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Long Beach, CA
Jesse was awesome, great instructions...

La Mirada, CA
Very challenging experience but the yoga team was very welcoming

Long Beach, CA
I love the Bikram Hot Yoga practice, and the teachers there are the very best! The studio is very clean. The classes are affordable. The environment they create is very warm, welcoming, and helpful.

Bellflower, Ca
I had a great first time experience. The instructor was wise to suggest I focus on breathing and do only what I can do. It decreased my anxiety and pressure to keep up.

Friend referred me

Signal Hill, CA
Great class

Long Beach, CA
My increased flexibility has helped my surfing improve

I obviously love the cleanliness of the studio. I also appreciate the convenience of having a number of daily classes to choose from. Most importantly, I love the instructors I’ve met so far, who are extremely adept at meeting the expectations of those that are advanced in their practice and are looking for challenge and growth, and those who are new to the practice and require more patience and a greater level of instruction. That’s a tough needle to thread, but the teachers I’ve met (Danni, Christine, and Liliana) have all been astute at doing so.

Signal Hill
Amazing instructors and amazing classes! And clean!

Downey, CA
The hot yoga class is very challenging but fun! I always feel new and refreshed after. The instructors are very clear and encouraging/motivating

The instructors (Rosario) morning and cleanliness of studio

Long Beach, CA
Almost everything. The only suggestion I would make (very respectfully) is: Leave enough time between classes to clean the floor and instruct your staff to make sure it's clean. It's really off-putting (not to mention not hygienic at all) to walk into the room with puddles of other people's sweat on the floor and someone hands you a mop so you can clean your own space. Paying members should not have to clean your floor just to be able to enjoy your awesome yoga facility.Thanks!

Long Beach, CA
Studio is clean and well organized. Friendly staff and a variety of classes. Excellent teachers. Latest and greatest yoga clothes to purchase. I do enjoy the workshops :-)

Amazing teachers leading amazing classes. The variety and number of classes. Today I went to a palates class at 11 AM and it was filled with eager and supportive students and an extremely motivating teacher. It was great! The energy inn room and the floor in the room.

Long Beach, CA
Your instructor was great. She took time to modify the poses for folks like me that are new.

Cypress, CA
It’s organized

Long Beach, CA
Signing up was eazy, the yoga was tough, and the class was fun.

Long Beach, CA
I love the all inclusive sensibility of the studio. All kinds of people, shapes, ages, ethnicities, abilities. AND I love the heat and sweat and effects. I have slept better than I have in years, no longer self medicate with wine and cannabis at night and feel strong in my body. I am encouraged to keep practicing!

Longbeach, CA
Good teachers!!!

Signall Hill, CA
Studio local cool friendly vibe