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6324 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90803
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long beach, UM
Friendly and inviting staff

I really enjoy the feeling of community that you create as a studio.

Kid friendly

Long Beach, CA

Long Brach, CA
Well, I love the studio environment itself. For example , I like that the hot room has dim lighting. It makes for a very unique exercise experience. You’re getting a really tough work out while you’re kind of relaxed and meditative. I like the community as well. The teachers are wonderful and highly trained. They always have deep and interesting commentary on the practice. It actually has changed my life.I have injuries and I’ve never been so able to do regular things like gardening and housework. I’m hooked.

I'm so grateful for the online classes during this outbreak. My studio in Utah isn't offing this, and I'm thrilled to continue my practice with you wonderful Long Beach peeps.

Long Beach, CA
It was my first class and the instructor and receptionist made me feel very welcome and encouraged!

Laguna Beach, CA
Super friendly staff, great classes!

Rossmoor, CA
Clean studio!! Super friendly people!! Great energy!!

Long Beach, CA
Everything! Love the practice, the teachers, the studio, and the community. It's one of my "happy places.":)

Amazing place where people can find support system, unity and positivity for inner well-being.

long beach, CA
60 min yoga option

Meggin was strict but fair, as a new student I certainly felt included and noticed she had an eye toward ensuring I didn't feel left behind, while also being careful not to slow down or let me disrupt the regular practitioners. I'm already planning to come back, though for only the 60-minute this time.

Bellflower, CA
My experience in hot yoga was amazing! I will definitely be returning.

the class was very fun and refreshing!

Cerritos, CA
Hot Yoga was a new experience for me, I was impressed by the way the instructor checked on how I was doing throughout the class. Class members were encouraged to try all poses with an understanding that over time the movements would improve.

Fort launderdale, FL
Awesome Atmosphere and it gave me a whole new perspective of hot yoga !

Classes are focus friendly and the instructors are positive and helpful.

I've been practicing Bikram now for 2 years. And this is the first place that I have been practicing and want to stay with it as long as it exists. I so much urge friends and acquaintances to just get on that Mat once to understand how it feels rather than judge a book by its cover. The ownership management and instructors are 100% spot on!!! both morning afternoon and evening classes are available that you have provided to accommodate everybody's needs which is great. I thank you kindly. [NAME REMOVED].

Awesome class