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1112 11th St. #201
Bellingham, WA 98225
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Everything & Aryon gave me a wonderful haircut !

Bellingham, Washington
The service was impeccable. Thank you Elizabeth (skincare) and Anna (hair).

Jeanne gave me an amazing massage after I had just finished a 20 mile bike ride with all the aches and pains that go with. I slipped in and out of consciousness as a relieve the pressure and tighten knots. Highly recommend this top-notch spa to anyone that wants a great massage.

The calm cool energy was amazingly relaxing. No one pushed products on me, I really appricated that. It was so refreshing to Not have more hair stuff, I dont need, pushed on me. For this reason if no other I will be back for sure! I also greatly appricated how the hair stylist connected with me and was able to give me the cut of my dreams. The facials were heaven. She was knowlegable and kind and gentle. It was truly a unmatched experince to come into a salon and relax and get assisyance that I requested with out all the excess being pushed on me.

Excellent customer service and hair care. I love the peaceful atmosphere and skilled staff. I’ve gone to 3 different stylists due to scheduling needs on my end and have been happy with each of them. I highly recommend this salon!

Stylist Barb did an excellent job of my color and cut. Both were perfect, exactly what I wanted.

Bellingham, Wa
Gene was an exceptional practitioner. He is a healer, not just a massage therapist. How fortunate Bellingham and Blessings Spa is to have him here to serve.

Bellingham, WA
Very relaxing

Emily is a fantastic hair stylist and she did an amazing job. I hadn’t had a haircut in probably 2 years and she made the experience really great. The interior of the salon is really beautiful and I would definitely recommend this place!

Bellingham, WA
Bella was friendly and knowledgeable.

Friendly staff

Barbara is an experienced, talented stylist. Appreciate her and other friendly staff.

Thank you so very much for fitting me in. As an out of town visitor that is here longer than expected it was wonderful to be able to visit an Aveda salon and have my color touched up and cut line followed. Much appreciated. Thanks Anna!

The massage I received from Gene. The best ever!

Excellent service from the receptionist to the aesthetician wonderful facial very knowledgeable about my skin type . Thank you , Bella Patricia

Bellingham, WA
Great stylist Available on a Sunday! Great haircut!

I love the experience of selection one of three scents to be rubbed in my scalp and the head and shoulder massage right before the hair wash. I felt pampered and relaxed.

Went in for a much needed haircut and walked out feeling blessed with beautiful, healthy hair! Anna is a great hairstylist and makes the overall experience wonderful! Great atmosphere and very friendly staff!

Wonderful massage!

Bellingham, WA
The friendliness of the staff, the ambiance of the salon, and the professionalism of my service provider!