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902 Buchanan Road
New Tazewell, TN 37825
(423) 626-8215
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Recent Reviews:

Everyone is very nice. And they take good care of their patients. It is the best place for our family member. We have had family members there also. They are very loved there. Thank you all for all you do.

My husband resides there. I would still recommend there , but they are not consistent about answering the phone when I call my husband. It's frustrating!

They take great care of my dad

The people that work there are so good to my mother-in-law. It’s not the place but the people that put my mind at ease. They seem too really care about the patients.

The care that you give my father

I am not from this area though in Claiborne County here. I also believe that things are getting way better here at Buchanan Place. People treat me nice and they try to help me. I have met a lot of nice people here who care about me. Plus. I have met very nice residents here too. We are all a big happy family here and I like that. I like to be a shining light to the people here and help them.out. I can't do a whole lot but what I do, do here it makes me feel good that I can help out the residents. Just take a little time with some of them and others don't need it as much as others. I don't know what I do to some of the residents but they really like me. If, I can make them happy, even though I am a resident, then I am going to do it. It makes me feel good too. I do.my best even though I can't walk yet. I must be something special to these residents because they really love me.The CNA's are wonderful and helpful to us all here.

I appreciate that my mother was treated like she was the employees mother. Such compassionet and caring people.

Very informative and friendly, helpful, caring staff!

Very personalized service. Seem to be very concerned about the patient.

The dedication of the employees.

Good people

The staff is very nice and friendly and they care about their patients.

Taking good care of my brother.

We are at this time pleased with the service you have and are giving our loved one. You have upgraded your facility to the best in our community. The upgrades you are continuing to do is a plus towards better care! My loved one is satisfied and Buchanan Place is always looking out for him. In our care team meeting we were talking about his hearing. He has lost about all of his hearing! We had just bought new hearing aids right before he entered Buchanan Place, but could never use them. In care team meeting our Social Director mentioned placing the ear amplifiers that has a magnifying aids to try . He has received them and was so excited for me to get there so he could carry on a conversation ! Thanks again for this device! He is very spoiled by all the attention he gets from the all personal and he has one that makes sure he doesn’t need anything before leaving their shift. He is improving each day in his PT an OT. He is a retired Road Construction Employee and Farmer! For the last several years he had been declining and had to give up a lot of things he was in a habit doing each day! We are so glad that Buchanan Place had an open room for him! He has several of his friends and relatives that visit him.

They are are a rehab facility and they know how to get there patients back up on their feet. They do what my mother in law can not but at the same time they push her gently to do things for her self which is something no one could get her to do at home. She is enjoying being with people ger own age and loves bingo and the therapy dog.

The staff is great ,and you take good care of your residents .and I Thank you