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13900 N IH-35
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 670-2275
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Recent Reviews:

You’re so wonderful!

Camp Bow Wow is great!

We have a high energy dog and Camp biwWow provides plenty of play time.

Love being able to watch our girl play with other pups! She loves being with her friends at daycare.

My dog loves going here. They always have spots open. No need for reservations.

Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and kind to my 14 year old dog. She is very timid and fearful, but the staff treated her gently and tried to ease her anxiety.

Aurora, CO
Clean, big area for the dogs. Cameras are always on. Only downside is my dogs come back so tired from all the playing.

They are so sweet with my pup, who can be a bit rambunctious at times! They are patient with him and just move him to a different play area with different dogs or let him be on his own for a little while if he gets a little too wild. Other facilities would put him in a "timeout" which I wasn't very fond of. It just feels like they care about the dogs and understand that they can just get excited around all of the other dogs. I love that they give them the treats at night and that you can add on a bath at the end of boarding so that they come home smelling fresh!

The staff was very friendly and explained what the evaluation would entail. Our other two dogs have already boarded here, so just adding a few more to the mix.

Austin, TX
My dog had a great time when she spent the day there for her evaluation! She played so much she was exhausted for the whole next day. :)

Fast and easy booking also friendly staff and my dog looks happy when I bring him and take him back

I like that I can monitor my pup but know that she’s having fun playing safely at camp!

Friendly staff, Camper Cams

The staff was very nice and helpful. We were visiting Austin for the weekend and the transition from the Rowlett, Texas location to this one was very easy . We felt very comfortable leaving our fur baby for the afternoon.

Love the availability and flexibility! I also love that I can check in on my pups via the cams.

Consistent, transparent, and affordable.

Camp Bow Wow Austin is AWESOME! Our pup loves it there and everyone takes such good care of him. He had an ear infection when we had to board him for a week and they gave him his meds and kept him healthy. They also keep you updated whenever you want on how your dog is doing. I was so nervous the first couple times we took him and the first time we boarded him, but after seeing how much he loves it and how great the team takes care of him, I never have any worries about leaving him for the day or overnight!

Close to my home and highway. Always space available and affordable

I like how fast is it to make appointments and how you can see the dogs play whenever we want.

Good care constantly. Various areas according to the dog size. Large kennels. Great hospitality. Video cameras on line. Several outdoor play areas along with each area.