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10 Chimney Rock Road
Bound Brook, NJ 08805
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The care the staff gives to everyones Pet. & followup when needed.

I recommend Camp Bow Bow all the time!!! Love it! Can’t even say your name to Tucker he goes wild!! Love the staff, the facility, everything!!

I don't see employees engaging with dogs unless there's $$$$ . It's ok to play with the dogs, they'll love you for it and will tempt me to use you more knowing my baby is not being ignored.

They gave a report at end of day and have cameras. Very happy.

Friendly, clean, remembers me and my dog! We love camp bow wow!

I will break it down with some simple bullet points: Positives: 1) Staff has all be extremely accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. 2) Flexibility, no reservations for day care is absolutely wonderful. And reasonable prices. 3) My dog is always exhausted and happy when I get her back 4) Video feed helps with any apprehension I may have had at first. Areas for possible improvement, take these with a grain a salt as I’ve never ran a doggy day care so I really don’t know what is possible. Treat these as more of a “wish list”. 1) Especially in the beginning would love a little summary of how team members feel my dog is adjusting to being at camp. If any issues what I can do to help her. 2) This is extremely hard and unrealistic but my wife and I like to have an idea of bowel movements (number 2’s. Mainly) just as a function to know if she is having any digestive issues. So knowing if she went while there all day would be awesome. 3) Along with my first point if I bring food just making sure I know if she ate it each time would be awesome. Overall once again camp bow wow is an absolute life saver and provides the piece of mind my wife have been looking for. Thank you for all you do and taking care of my pup I know it’s not the easiest of jobs. Know the positive FAR outweigh my “wish list”. My score shows it perfect 10!

Branchburg, NJ
I like the ease of not needing to make a reservation to drop Ruby off anytime of the day. It's convenient and great on short notice.

Love that the day care is drop in. Really appreciate the flexibility!

Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater is the BEST!!! I always know my dog is safe, well cared for, and happy when she is there. Staff is the best, everything about Camp Bow Wow is WONDERFUL!

Bridgewater, NJ
They were friendly and attentive. Charlie came home happy so she must have liked it. The only complaint was the cameras were not on much so I could not check on her.

Easy to use. M’y puppy loves to go to camp bow wow The staff are very friendly and nice.

Everyone was extremely nice. They were also very patient, taking the time to answer all of my questions and even asked if I had more! I love that I can keep an eye on my puppy with all the cameras and that staff is constantly walking through checking up and cleaning up. My puppy loved interacting with all the other dogs and the freedom to walk around in the 2 rooms and outside. I bought a package since we will definitely be back!

Bridgewater, NJ
It’s a great way to socialize your dog in a controlled environment.

Every time we bring our pet for overnight stay he gets ear infection, has hoarse bark and sleeps for couple of days straight bringing him home. He hardly could make sound when barking when I picked him up. Felt very disappointed. Was thinking of coming down there in person to ask what was going on during his stay but of course I got extra busy taking care of him. just feels unfair that my pet comes home in such conditions.

Easy, and my dog is happy

Friendly, convenient, love not having to call ahead to drop my pup off

My dobi loves camp bow wow, I have had the opportunity to use the regular daycare and the boarding service!!! And honestly he is missing more the camp than my house haha !!! The people there really care about my friend and everytime they see something special they call me right away !!! The cameras system are great !!! I already recommended this place to all my friends

We enjoyed our experience during the interview. We will be back!

We’ve had good experiences with boarding and grooming each time at Bow Wow Bridgewater. Would certainly recommend.

Our dogs always have the best time and come home so tired and well behaved. I normally have to bribe them to get into the car when we leave. We love camp bow wow