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Bound Brook, NJ 08805
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How happy and tired our puppy was when we picked him up. Easy in and easy out. Hassle free once appropriate paperwork is submitted.

My dog continually comes home with deep cuts. I do expect some scratches however these are large gashes and it feels as though there is either a lack of oversight or dogs that are too aggressive are being admitted or a mixture of both.

Love you guys! Lady is always happy to be there!

Everyone was nice and helpful with my puppy also they are always asking how things are and if she had a good time!

your staff is always friendly. Marley is taken care of extremely well. It's always a good feeling knowing that our pup is being cared for by your team while we're at work or traveling

Very friendly; attentive to current pandemic needs

Kelly and all the crew at Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater take such great care of our boy! It was very hard for us to trust anywhere after what happened to him at a prior place we took him but the entire staff here is so kind and loving! Thank you again all for everything you do! Riley loves coming to camp!!


Great Customer Service for Campers and Parents!

Staff very friendly. Dogs well cared for. Lots of options

Love the Play Time Plus program for my dog who is adjusting to being around other dogs. The smaller setting always for a smoother transition for her.

I hate writing this because if you had asked me before the summer if Id recommend Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater to my friends/ family I would have given a 10. I boarded Mercy in September (18th- 26th) for a little over a week and I had an incident on the day before I picked her up. I was looking for her on the camera app but didnt see her in Benji, so I checked the other rooms. I mistook her for another dog, Norma Jean, who is apparently afraid of men and was barking and running from the male employee in the room at the time. I saw her barking and running from him but he looked to be antagonizing her a little bit. I ended up calling a few times and they finally told me it wasn't Mercy in the room and it was actually Norma Jean. Although I am happy it wasn't Mercy, it made me uncomfortable enough to call 3 times to say something about it while it was happening. No matter who's dog that was, I hadn't ever seen any other CBW-BW employee act in that manner before so I was a bit taken back. I am not familiar with the gentleman who was in the room with Norma Jean at the time (he may have been on the newer side since I hadn't brought Mercy there in a while) I honestly love you guys and you've always taken such great care of Mercy, but this did leave a bad taste for me. I know that behavior is not typical of CBW-BW employees, but I am hoping the employee in question had a little training/coaching or at least was a little more cognizant that there are public cameras on them. I truly appreciate all you guys do and you are truly wonderful other than this one incident. Thank you for listening. - [NAME REMOVED] - [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

Hillsborough, NJ

Connor was amazing and our puppy Ryder loved hanging out with all his friends at camp.

Easy drop off and pick up.

Great staff. Caring and you can tell they really love dogs in their care. My dig is greeted warmly each visit. Agility classes are great. Pictures sent to my phone are terrific. Video camera in web site is a great feature. Grooming services are very good. Had the occasion to meet one of the owners and she was an outstanding person.

The camera option to check on your pup gives great piece of mind while you’re out of town!

Kurt is great!

The staff is always very friendly and helpful. My dog Bosley gets so excited when I take out his Camp Bow Wow collar. He knows exactly where he is going and loves going to camp.