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Pup was tired!

Employees are very loving towards the dogs and knowledgeable.

I brought Lucy in last May for a week and when I picked her up, her paws, legs, under belly and even her face were all gross looking. Her paws and legs were yellow pee stained and she stunk real bad. I took pictures and still have them. I went back inside to ask why she looked like that and I was told she peed in her kennel right before I got there to pick her up. I know accidents do happen but did not believe this - Lucy is 7, potty trained and very rarely has accidents - plus why would she look so nasty & gross all around? I was not happy but “let it go” Last week when I took Lucy in for just ONE night, the same thing happened again. My daughter was the one picking her up for me and she called me and she was VERY VERY upset that Lucy once again looked gross. Her paws & legs were pee stained, her face was nasty, her under belly was gross, her tail was very dirty. My daughter said she smelled horrible and when she brought her home she immediately washed her and there were chunks of dirt and what not falling off her body. She too has pics of all this. Before leaving the kennel, my daughter had her fiancé go pack in to ask if her kennel was wet- someone went to check and he was told no it wasn’t wet. Also, Lucy’s blanket and toy I sent with her was nasty as well with dark yellow and brown stains - where did those come from?? It took Lucy 2 days to start acting herself again b/c the first couple of days she just moped around & I noticed her licking her paws excessively. I have taken Lucy to Apple Creek Kennel many a times and she has NEVER came home gross and disgusting like she did BOTH TWO TIMES I took her to Camp Bow Wow. My daughter already informed me she will not be bringing her dog back to Camp Bow Wow and I’m pretty sure I will not be bringing Lucy back either.

I love that the doggies are constantly monitored that makes me feel confident leaving my babies! I also love the fact that I could get them bathed and groomed if I need to! And they come home so tired they sleep so well through the night!

Water heater went out, which we understand is unavoidable. But we did ask to have our dogs nails trimmed during her boarding and that was not done. Nail trims do not need water so I am on sure why that was not done. The girl at the front desk said I can do it now? Which really was not that helpful but she took our dog back and did it and when she came back out we got a lecture on more frequently nail trims.
Response From Camp Bow Wow Cedar Rapids
October 07, 2021
Hello Jean and John, We are sorry that the nail trim was not done in a timely manner. Whenever we have a dog with long nails we like to give advice on how to shorten them. Regular nail trims allow the quick to stay short so that when we are cutting the nails we do not clip the nail and cause it to bleed, we would never want this. We do apologize if this felt like a lecture, I know the staff didn't mean it that way. We hope to see you soon and when we do we would love to offer a free nail trim.

cedar rapids
Staff was excellent and helpful.


My dogs seem to love it! I have a talker and lots of places judge him as aggressive - this place knew just how to handle a sassy talker who is a very sweet and often misunderstood dog! Also - they usually whine when I go to drop off, but here they just act comfortable! They March straight back to play!!

After years of trouble free service and no slip ups, this year was different. Those handling our reservation and pickup were very poor representatives of the company. I made reservations the same as I have twice a year for many years. Boarding for a week... Shampoo on last day... nail trimming. The shampoo and nail trimming were not done. A BIG disappointment.
Response From Camp Bow Wow Cedar Rapids
September 30, 2021
Hi there, I'm really sorry about that we have been short staffed and almost everybody here is still training, honestly I'm doing the best i can , I handle most of the grooming and we have been super busy these last few weeks. I hope that you can be understanding how sorry i am that your dog didn't get the grooming service that you asked for i completely apologize again! If you wanted to bring them in for a complimentary bath and nail trim i would be willing to do that!

Communication after dogs are done being groomed.

Cedar Rapids
We had a funeral that caused us to need a spot for our dog on very short notice. Camp Bow Wow was kind and accommodating and helped us have one less thing to worry about during a difficult week.

Our pups are a little on the wild side and everyone at Camp Bow Wow is so relaxed and welcoming when we arrive to drop them off. We have left them there multiple times with confidence that they will have fun and be taken great care of. I would most definitely recommend Camp Bow Wow to anyone in need of a clean and well run dog boarding facility.

I like that my pup comes home happy. I like being able to check in on her using the webcams.

Tha attention, care and love that everybody gives to the puppies. How active the dogs are all the time and that you can have access to the cameras.

I’m not entirely sure what happened but my dog was so scared when I picked her up. Then my mom noticed when we got in the car that she had an inch-ish thick indentation all the way around the base of her snout that was not there when she was dropped off. I called to see if something happened and was told no. But something had obviously happened, my dog whined and pulled away when I tried to touch the area. Whatever was around her snout was not only on for a long time but super tight. The markings were still there 3 hours later.

The staff has always been very caring of our dogs. I know the staff changes from time to time but I have always been happy with the care of dogs have gotten and when I call to ask about them everyone has been very nice in talking to me and has never made me feel like I am bothering them.. This time was not a stay but a grooming and it was his first time groomed by this groomer. I told one person what I wanted since the groomer wasnt there yet and when I picked Tanner up he was groomed just as I asked. I was very happy with his grooming.

Being able to bring Lola out to play with other dogs & if I go out of town I can board her.

When I first started I wanted to have the special of 3 days and a bath or something. I was denied because I took to long to call back for another date for day care. I have spent a ton of money there sense but still kind of makes me mad. Also, when I see my dog on camera. I don’t see a whole lot of human interaction with my dog.

More clear about what happens with my dog when I’m gone.

Friendly staff, clean and modern looking facility, many options for play areas for the dogs