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1403 Main Street
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
(330) 923-9663
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Cuyahoga Falls, OH
More info regarding new pets and safety.

Akron, OH
Close to home Staff was friendly

I wish that I would’ve been taken back to see where my dog would be sleeping and seeing the actual whole facility. That’s my only complaint! Other than that I was extremely happy with everything and my dog seemed to be very happy as well!

Very friendly staff that understands dog behaviors. We feel very comfortable with boarding our dogs here!

Friendly people who love dogs take care of my favorite pet. Day or night. He is so excited to go there and that lets me know if she is treated well

I know I can take my dogs here and feel comfortable that they are being taken care of while I'm away. The friendly staff know my dogs by name. Having cameras available to check in, clean facilities, and convenient hours also make this my go-to for daycare and boarding services.

I could not be happier with everything about Camp Bow Wow. From the staff, to the extra activities and being able to check in on my dogs is a huge bonus. My dogs cannot wait to go play with all their furry friends.

We've left our pet at Camp Bow Wow several times now and are very comfortable and pleased with the care, attention and sevice.

The few times we have had you give Zoey a bath she is still soaking wet when we pick her up.

Silver lake
Staff is very friendly and welcoming. My dog came home happy and tired from his play day.

Kent, OH
Prompt friendly service & the ability to check on my dog when he's there.

There is nothing not to like. People are friendly, they have a love for dogs. Facility is clean. They have working videos where I can watch my dog. I know my dog gets well taken care of. I take him there for the doggie day care on Sunday so he can mingle with other dogs and play and get rid of some of that built up energy. Whenever there is a problem like some other not liking my dog, they are separated, which I am happy about this because my dog is not an alpha dog, really laid back.

Maggie and Tucker LOVE going to daycare! The staff is great!

Everything and everyone

I like the flexibility of drop off and pick-up, and online reservations. I also am very happy my dog loves going and is tired when she comes hom.

Akron, OH
They take good care of the dogs.

Very Personalized, clearly care about my dog, applied my workplace discount with out me asking. Friendly associates every single time.

It is convenient to be able to drop my dog off and pick him up when I am able to. The workers seem to really like what they do.

We have used day care and the dogs enjoy it. We recently boarded our dogs for 2 nights. They came home with almost all of the bags of food that I sent. I am unclear about their feeding procedures. Did they just leave the same stale food in their bowls for 2 days? They asked me about how to feed them when I brought them in, and appeared to be writing it down. Just really unsure of what happened.

Everyone is pleasant, but not helpful. The customer service needs to improve. We specifically told the front end clerk our dog is allergic to chicken and to not give any treats that were not ours. Our dog was given chicken treats and we have been dealing with stomach issues since Sunday. Every night since Sunday we have been awoken to deal with these stomach issues. We requested toe nail trimming and the clerk said that our younger dog ‘gave a temper tantrum’ when they tried to trim her nails. I asked what does a ‘temper tantrum’ look like? We were told she kept pulling her back leg away. We told the clerk, our dog has hips issues and she may have been in pain. *we have made it known before our dog has hip issues. We thought someone had placed the information into the computer* I was under the impression, CBW trains their workers in dog psychology and behavior. I would assume, a person who works with animals would try to figure out why a dog would be pulling away instead of giving up and telling the owner the dog gave a temper tantrum. Please train your workers on customer service skills and dog behavior. We love many aspects of CBW, but do not feel confident our dogs are being treated up to par with other CBW’s in the area. We had 2 weekend appointments in October with Cuyahoga Falls and have cancelled them due to this incident. We have made arrangements at a CBW further away.