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Duluth, GA 30097
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Trainer and some of staff seemed to really connect with her. Really like the video feed. Love that she enjoyed interacting with other pups.

The front office staff was very supportive and positive and encouraging.

The friendliest staff and my pup loves them!

Friendly staff!

Buford, GA
Sweet staff.

My dog loved it!

My dog has a lot of energy and needs/loves to play. He came home exhausted and ready to snuggle! He had a great time making friends and playing. Can’t wait to do it again!

You take great care of our pups. You listen to our requests and they love their time spent there.

I love the staff, they are very professional and caring. I know my Gypsy is well taken care of when she's at Camp Bow Wow whether it's day care or boarding.

Your staff is absolutely amazing. Our dog is always happy to hop out of the car and dash into camp.

My pup loves coming here! The staff are super nice and friendly. I can tell by my pup’s reaction to them that she loves them. The cameras are awesome! I love being able to see her play when I’m at work or out of town. My pup hated being left alone at home. Dropping her off at day camp has been a life saver! Only place I’ve ever boarded a dog that the dog didn’t show any sadness when I picked her up. The dog trainer has been amazing working with my schedule to help me train my pup up! They’ve groomed her at reasonable costs and always put a cute little bandanna on her. I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow! I haven’t been disappointed with any of their services yet!

dogs love the place, clean, caring, friendly......

The whole entire time my dog was Boarding at Duluth facility , never saw him on web cam. When I called twice to ask for my dog (in a very nice manner , very condescending way ) they just gave me excuses why my dog was not in the patio like other dogs . When I got my dog he was in such distress that seemed traumatized, scared of being around people . The person who dismiss my dog said the he ate his food all the days he was there , but he was clearly hungry , thirsty . What happened to him ? , no sure but my dog hated the place , first time ever he hates a place , he’s been boarded before . I did not want to ask what happened because I am sure they will say “nothing happened to him. Also , I know my dogs barks like crazy when away from his family , but the facility doesn’t have trained people to deal with anxious dogs, they just restrain them into their cages no to bother other dogs . I can’t recommended a place where your dog is being locked and restrained in a cage . I had to deal with my dogs afterward anxieties and distress ; he came back to normal after 4 days of being at home .
Response From Camp Bow Wow Duluth
October 23, 2019
Hi Griselda- Thank you for taking the time to send us in feedback. All of our phone calls are recorded, so I was able to go back and check into this. The first time you called, our staff made you aware that we were having aggression issues with Max. He had gone after another dog, so he was up in his cabin for a time out. After 10 minutes he returned to the play yard. The next time you called and asked was during our lunch break in which the boarding campers are in their cabins for a 90 minute break. Also on your call we made you aware again that Max was having behavior issues with the other campers and was receiving time outs anytime he went after another dog. Max did indeed eat all of the meals we offered him, which came from the food your provided. We give the dogs fresh water constantly in the play yard, as well as in their private cabins. Max has constant access to water. We train our staff in dog behavior thoroughly, and the issues we were experiencing with Max were not because of anxiety but rather because of aggression. We have to make the judgement call for what is going to be safest for the dogs in our care when they are boarding. Your dog Max had to spend more time in his cabin that usual because he was misbehaving and we were preventing him from causing injury to other dogs.

Make sure that all of your staff are on the same page. I have been told something different about the bordetella vaccine every time I've boarded my dog. One time they gave it to him after I dropped him off, another time I was told I had to be there and administer it, this last time i was told that it needed to be given 72 hrs before drop off, and when i asked if i could run him by and get it, i was told no because it was past 30 days since he had the last vaccine. I'm very confused.

winder, GA
Everyone is very friendly and they take care of Cloey. I always get positive feedback whenever she stays at Camp Bow Wow.

Our sweet Kendal is always clean and well taken care of during her stsy

I will start of saying I'm pleased with the service and staff. For improvement I would like to see someone in the tiny dogs area giving them a little attention and love. You dont have a person in the area very often. Also, When I picked my dog up he clearly had been having diarrhea as he had dry poop all over his rear end ....when we arrived home he had diarrhea all night. I wish someone would have cleaned him up or let me know.

The staff is friendly and excellent with the dogs.

Pollyanna loves Camp Bow Wow!

Interact with the dogs more. Not so many prompts on the phone.