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2612 S. Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
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My dog loves it and is eager to go when I say "Camp Bow Wow." I appreciate the cleanliness and care. My experience with other "dog camp" facilities has not been so positive, even though the dogs have more freedom to run and play outside.

Employees really seem to like dogs. Web Cams are great to watch They remember my dog when she comes for a visit

Our dog Runner loves it!

I love the hours and the fact that we can look in on our baby. The staff has always been great too.

I live in Charlotte and had my CBW Matthews, NC location send over my dog, Toro's records, so I could work up there one Friday. It worked out perfectly. Toro was happy and a staff member told me he was very sweet and they would love to see him again. Super convenient for me, and I would use them again when I have to visit Durham and want to take Toro.

I love the fact that my girl loves going to camp. She has made friends with other pups and looks forward to playing with them daily. The staff have welcomed us from the first day and it's clear they love her, as she does them. Knowing she wants to be there and is in good hands makes leaving her easier as I know she is well taken care of.

My dog is always happy to go to camp, and is well cared for, and the people working their seem to genuinely care about the dogs.

I greatly appreciate that Lauren was able to accommodate my last-minute request to board two dogs due to an out-of-state funereal. I feel as though she went over and above what was required. Thank you so much!

could take us in last minute and helped getting Wesson's profile transferred over. Thanks for taking great care of our pup!

The hours and policy of notifying parent of anything that occurred with their pet at camp

durham, NC
Everything!!! I’ve been bringing my Dogs here for 15 years When it opened up on page road in Durham Outstanding staff... They take care of your dog 🐕 like it was there’s Semper fi Mel Brown USMC/Retired

My dog is always thrilled to get dropped off and is worn out and sleeps all night after a day at daycare. Everyone is always kind and helpful. And I love getting to watch my puppy on the cameras.

Cary, NC
Ellie loves to go to camp. The counselors are so sweet to her and seem to really love dogs. Highly recommend Camp Bow Wow Durham!

Convenient to home. They seem to care about me two yorkie’s. They wanted to keep my two babies. This was my first time boarding my pets. This was also the first time that my two dogs had been around or played with other dogs.

i know you are short staffed on week-ends but it would be great if the dogs did not have to be crated so long on the week-ends. Charge more!

- friendly smile when walk in - address individuals - responsive staff when dog arrives (Shouldn’t have to wait for dog to go back when there is more then one staff in the lobby) - have cameras set up where you can see the play area

Camp Bow Wow is AMAZING! The staff is great and they know my dog by name. They all treat her as if she is one of their own. My dog loves to go there for daycare so when I have to go out of town and board her - I never feel bad because she has so much fun playing with all of the other dogs. My dog also has a tremendous amount of energy and the ONLY way to wear her out is taking her there for the day.

The people!! Teresa is the best. I love that there is consistency is the staffing, and low turnover. It means that they know and care me and my doggie

Love the video cams and love when my dog gets lots of exercise in a controlled and safe environment. Thanks!

I love the employees! They are always kind and smiling.....makes me feel good about leaving my dog in there loving arms.