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53 Midland Ave
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
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Your staff is amazing! The place is always sparkling clean..The dogs are completely taken care of..My dog Brodee looks forward to spending time at camp bow wow...Thankyou for all you do!

Staff was very friendly, professional, and informative.

My dog Luna loves Camp Bow Wow Elmwood Park! The staff is friendly, caring and professional. They offer a full service experience including boarding, grooming, premium foods and accessories. "My Dog Digs Camp Bow Wow"

Your service is amazingly good. I feel at ease leaving my pets in your care.

The staff are very, very knowledgeable and friendly. I have had no problems with them at all in the 8 yrs I have bringing my dog. Keep up the good work!

Very professional

Hello Everyone, if your looking for a day service or sleep away camp for your pet, my husband and I would highly recommend Camp Bow Wow in Elmwood Park. The owner, as well as staff, treat their charges with respect, love, care, obedience and plenty of fun!!! When your day is just "beginning" like Monday morning, your pet's day is like the first day of Spring!!! Our Amelia knows she is loved, cared for, and safe while in the custody of Camp Bow Wow. As the parents, we leave the facility knowing in both our minds and souls that our little girl is going to have the time of her life. She plays with her friends, runs, jumps etc. Which is like a knife cutting two ways: she has a terrific time at camp and she comes home to us exhausted and in "cuddle mode" !!! It's a win-win! So thank you Roman and staff for all the kindness, understanding and love you give our little girl Amelia. Victoria and Nick Carrelle

Lots of caring employees... Love the cameras so I can keep an eye on my furbaby while I'm away.

The staff is wonderful. I feel like they are treating Lola as their own. That's very comforting to me when I need to leave her.

Man at the front desk was rude. Accused me of not accurately measuring my dog's food. Ironically when I picked my dog up, two extra servings remained. My dog was not adequately fed during her stay. I will never return. I used to send my dog to day camp daily at camp bow wow in Maryland. I loved it. Elmwood is awful.
Response From Camp Bow Wow Elmwood Park
October 10, 2019
I'm sorry you had a bad experience at our Camp. Marley came in very nervous and did not eat her dinner that night, also she did not have dinner on the day of check out, so she should have food left over. She had never been at our facility before and we made sure everyone said hello to her and get to know her and let her get to know us, and by the next day she settled right in with the pack and was eating and playing very well. We just want you to know that Marley was a great Camper and came out of her shell the very next morning. She did eat and was well taken care of. We will miss her.

Love how your staff takes a personal interest in Jack, our baby (all 85 pounds of him lol)

Nice puppy cam. Only downside is the dog comes back super stinky

Quick drop off and quick pickup process.

I love that my dog, Luna can play with other dogs all day. I don’t have to worry about her while she is having her overnight stay. I love how I can check her on the camera. Camp bow wow is so convenient and so far I have no problems scheduling a few nights stay whenever I go on vacation. I will continue to bring Luna

Great customer service, clean facility, large cottages and web cam to watch your furry friend.

I’m very disappointed I left my dog for five days at the dog kennel overnight stay and they only fed him 4 days. I usually give him dry food and wet food. One of the pouches of the wet food came back in the dry food. That’s how I realized that they only fed him 4 days. Felt like they did not attend to him accordingly. Very disappointed.

My dog came back with kennel cough I called to let you guys know and all u did was send an email a few days later to see how he was doing , next time pay for the medicine that I just had to spend money on plus the 230 that I spent there to have him there in a safe and healthy community.
Response From Camp Bow Wow Elmwood Park
September 30, 2019
WE are sorry that Nate got sick during his stay with us and and we emailed you because we wanted to check in on how he was feeling. He had a really good stay with us, he ate well and played all day with the dogs, and counselors. We are very strict with our vaccine policy, but just like kids in school there is a chance that a dog can get sick or injured, unfortunately no boarding facility can 100% prevent illness or injury. Our policies on dogs getting ill at camp and Vet bills are stated on the Client Acknowledgement Form that is initialed by the owner on the dogs interview day. We do apologize you had a bad experience and we hope Nate is doing well.

I love how Camp Bow Wow takes the time out to make sure your dog is taken care of each day. They listen to your needs and are very considerate. The staff is very friendly. From when you drop your dog off in the morning when Anthony and Brittany are there to greet them and when you pick up Roman, Rose, Alfredo and the rest of the staff are very polite and treat you like family. My dog would never let me take her anywhere else. She goes daily since she was 6 months old and will be 6 years old this year. She stays there every time we go away on vacation as well and I never have to worry how she is. Thank you to all the staff for all that you do!

The business is near my office so it allows me to drop off my puppy in the am so he can play for a few hours. The folks are always pleasant and my baby seems to have a goof time.

Glen Rock, NJ
I always know that my dog is well cared for when we are away. I never worry... and that, when you are traveling, is priceless.