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602 Airport Rd, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607
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Longs, SC
I love the all day play, well actually Hurley, my dog, loves the all day play.

Everything! Our two dogs love Camp BowWow!

The staff are very friendly and make a point to know the dogs by name and personalities. We never worry about leaving our dogs there.

Rhett LOVES Camp Bow Wow. He happily bounces in, and he's calm (and tired:)) when we pick him up whether after 1 day or a week. Knowing he's at Bow Wow provides the peace of mind we need when we go places that are not appropriate for him to come along. The care and fun he enjoys are exceptional. Thank you!!!

My dog is very high energy and Camp Bow Wow knows how to handle him. The staff truly adores my dog. And my dog loves going there. Its never a fight for him to go inside. I've had issues with other day care companies with my dog and Camp Bow Wow is always accommodating and helpful. I absolutely love the staff here.

Our dogs are loved and cared for. Webcams enable me to check on them regularly. They have fun themed events like back to school day and Halloween costume contests. It’s a great place for my pups.

Greenville, SC
Caring, friendly staff. My pup is always so well cared for and a happy camper!

Awesome and friendly staff!

Easley, SC
Our Jack loves coming to Camp Bow Wow. We always tell him he is going to play with "puppies" and he just lights up. Thank you all for what you do.

Maggie loves it here.

Everyone here is so wonderful! My dog Kobe is always thrilled to get to spend his day at Camp Bow Wow!

Everyone was very nice, we liked the cameras with the ability to check on our fur baby during play time. Also, he was able to have his own bed and blankets with him. Thank you!

Friendly staff Very clear dogs are loved

EVERYTHING! It is always clean and neat every time we come in. The staff are all amazing and so kind and welcoming. They make us feel like we are super special, and I know that they make everyone feel that way. My sweet dog never minds going and I think that says it all. I have full confidence that she is getting lots of attention and extra love while we have to be gone! I have a deaf dog so I cant leave her with just anyone. If she accidentally got "out", we can't call her and she wouldn't hear a car horn! There is no where else I feel as comfortable leaving her!

I appreciate the staff working with my dogs they are a little tricky. I appreciate the patience.

Cameras so I can see my puppy while I am away.

Great people taking care of my dog.

I took my dog in for the interview. The two girls who initially took him back were nice. As I watched on the camera, they interacted with all the dogs that were in the room. There was nothing else to do in the bare room, so they all would come up for attention or a pat from the girls. Especially mine, since he was kind of hiding behind them and wanting reassurance because he wasn't sure what was going on, as they incorporated more dogs in the room. The counselor came out and said I could leave, but watch on the app. So I did. Those two girls were no longer with him, when I got home. There was another girl who stood in a room with 10 - 15 dogs, backed up in the corner with a spray bottle in her hand. The dogs surrounded her in a horseshoe fashion, except mine who stood behind the horseshoe constantly barking. Which is amazing, because he never barks. If any of the dogs got close to her, she would spray them with water. This was not my idea of what I expected. I watched for 30 minutes, hoping things would change. Nope. So I got in my car and came and got my dog. Nobody even seemed to care, when I told them about it at the counter. I suggested maybe they ought to start watching their own videos. Never heard from anybody in management, even after I told them at the counter how disappointed I was. Nothing for the dogs to do, no attention being given by the counselors, except spraying them with water. Good luck with that being effective, my dog loves water. However, he never got anywhere near her. That's not the fun environment promoted on your website. I was in tears when I picked him up. That was his first bout with doggie daycare. Never would recommend you people, never will come back. As I looked at all the cameras, I realized it was pretty much the same thing in every room, except some would pet the dogs. Not leaving my dog here.

Everybody is so nice and caring. Staff ask a lot of questions before taking your pup so they know of any changes with their health which I love because I know they truly care. My pup always comes home from boarding exhausted from playing! No complaints!

Friendly check-in and out. Deb and Makayla are awesome!