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600 Lemens Avenue, Ste. 1000
Hutto, TX 78634
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We are a new customer and have a 4 month old Golden Retriever. She has only attended Day Camp twice; however, I am very pleased with our experiences. On her first visit, I was of course watching like Momma Bear on the web cams (love them!) and she was in with the medium size dogs. There was one dog in particular being aggressive towards her and she was cowering under the little bridge trying to avoid him. The young man who was in there with them, did nothing to correct the other dog's behavior and I called my husband to immediately go rescue our dog. Now, this may seem like a big negative, but my husband expressed our concerns with (1) the young man not paying attention to the animals and correcting unwanted behavior and (2) that our dog, while 30 pounds, is still only 4 months old. We requested that they try her in the teacup room, which is normally very small dogs, but we saw an awesome Corgi in there as well. On our next visit, our dog was placed in the teacup room where I believe she did much better and the young lady who was attending to that room was amazing. She was down in the floor loving on the dogs and you can tell she genuinely loves her job and that makes all of the difference. In addition, they swapped our dog between the teacups and the larger dogs and as I was watching towards the end of the day, my dog was actually wanting to go back with the larger dogs. I feel the staff really listened to our concerns and did everything the could to help acclimate our puppy, which is great since we will soon be boarding her there for 4 days. Overall we are very pleased with our experience and will continue to attend.

Everyone is really nice and treats my dog great.

Round Rock, TX
Everything! Everyone is so nice and Max is always super excited going in.

everyone was very nice loved the set up

EVERYTHING! The facility is gorgeous and so clean with a warm feeling for our Bogie. The Staff members are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and genuinely love to see our dog when he comes.

You make the pups feel welcome and they have fun. Getting up early and wanting to go everyday speaks volumes!

Round Rock, TX
Everyone at camp bow wow is loving and caring. My dogs love to go and be pampered by a loving staff

Everything. They treat Luna like the queen she is.

I took in my pup for a grooming appointment. Everything went smoothly, and my pup even had some time to play! I will take my pup here again to get groomed!

Just about everything. The camp counselors are always so happy to see Jake and Lyla and I quite often see my two getting some loving from the counselors whenever I check out the webcams. And most importantly, my two LOVE going to Camp BowWow.

The staff is awesome with my dog Timothy they take such good care of him and all the other dogs that are there - He loves going there - It is such a great place for your dog to play with other dogs - My dog Timothy starts to get excited even before we get to Camp Bow Wow !!!!!!!

Accommodating, friendly, really pet oriented....

I'm always very happy with Camp Bow Wow. My dog gets lots of play time, seems genuinely adored by the staff, and comes home wiped out (in a good way). The only complaint I have is regarding the grooming services. While I do think my dog was bathed as requested, his nails weren't clipped, but I was still charged for it. His nails are quite long to me, but if the associate/technician thought otherwise, I'd prefer they tell me they think the nails don't need trimming and not charge me.

Friendly staff, clean facilities, and loved watching our pup’s first day!

The staff did a very thorough interview process to make sure that my dog was a good fit for the other borders and the other borders were a good fit for my dog. At the end of her stay Sarah did not want to go home because she was having so much fun. I see that is a good sign.

Availability of day care!

Round Rock, TX
We’ve only gone once for the evaluation appointment it so far so good. Very clean environment and friendly staff. Most important our pup seemed to like it.

It was our first time leaving our Pup in a doggy day care, and found Camp Bow WOW last minute and it was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and kind, very helpful. It was amazing to hear that our pup even enjoyed it!! It was definitely a WOW experience!

So easy and convenient to get to! I’ve used Camp Bow Wow in another city for years and this one is just as good.

Loved that I could use the app to check in and see how things were going. The staff was amazing and helped us get setup fast. They also took very good care of Daisy. Thank you.