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231 Bakers Basin Road
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
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We like EVERYTHING about your service!!! Captain LOVES to go to Camp Bow Wow!~! He loves the care and attention you give to him!! He is a very happy camper!!

Lawrenceville, NJ
The staff is always friendly and efficient. Clearly the staff enjoys engaging with the dogs.

My dog loves going there and everyone is so friendly!

It's incredible to be able to watch our dog on Camper-cam during operating hours. Being able to check whether you're running errands, at work, or somewhere else in the world just makes the separation a little less distant feeling. It's also nice to be able to see people at the Lawrenceville location interacting with the dogs and knowing the dogs aren't just hanging out going wild. The straightforward pricing and services are also greatly appreciated. We don't like unexpected billing surprises, and that's never happened here. Thanks to the entire team.

Very trustworthy and kind to our pet.

Dog seems to enjoy it a lot and the video cameras make it very easy to check in on our dog

The play areas and being able to view it on my phone.

The fences need to be larger. Also, while I was watching one of the livestreams one of the dog tenders seemed very aggressive with the dogs. I only saw him at the facility once, but anytime dogs were playing he would aggressively charge at them and the dogs seemed afraid of him. I never addressed this while my dog was at camp (he jumped the fence and was banned), but if the guy still works there he needs to be re-trained.

Lawrenceville, NJ
Good place for the pets! Lots of fun and activity for dogs!

Play with the dogs more, keep track of bm And let’s us know

Princeton Junction, NJ
Oreo likes coming to day care and is equally happy when he’s picked up. He seems happy to be there and that’s important for us.

Take the dogs outside on the large lawn in front for walks a few times a day.

Our pup loves it there!

Everyone at Camp Bow Wow is extremely kind, caring and makes dropping your dogs off super simple. Also, their grooming staff is incredible. Even the vet has trouble cutting my one puppies nails, yet Camp Bow Wow does incredible every single time!!! Also, being able to check on them through the app or a simple phone call puts me at ease when I am away from my babies!

Nice, friendly people who love and care for my dog. Happy dog!

Lawrenceville, NJ
Clean facilities. Dogs are attended by a person at all times while in the play areas.

Second visit in a row, that I left written and verbal instructions to give my dog a bath/nails before pick-up (I also sent an email reminder the day before) and they forgot. Also, I left written instructions with the exact amount of food, dasaquin and treats for his stay. I received 3 dasaquin (three days), and treats for four days returned. Which means they were not given. Very disappointed.

My dog was taken to the vet from camp bow wow and I still paid for his day at camp. Lame.

Bad odor from the moment we came in. Dog was so smelly when I put him in the car I had to roll down the window and bathe him immediately when we got home.

Hamilton, NJ
we dropped finn off a few weeks ago with food and treats, with instructions to only feed him at night and to give him a treat with his food. We asked that he not be taken out in the morning to eat because the usually will not eat in the morning. He was still taken out every morning to eat (which we saw on the cameras) and when we picked him up they gave us back all of his treats which they never gave him. It was dissapointing that our directions were not taken, and that if there was an issue with them, we were not informed of it.