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1010 SE Hamblen Rd
Lee's Summit, MO 64081
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Kennesaw, GA
Quick & easy.

Mission, KS
The friendliness of the Camp Counselors and the interactions I observe with my dog. Use only my initials or first name if used publicly.

The staff truly seem to love our pups!

Lees Summit, MO
I like that my dog gets to socialize with lots of other dogs in a safe environment. I also love that I can check on him at anytime using the Camper Cams through the app. I spy on him all the time! The staff is also super friendly and you can tell they really care about the dogs they watch over.

Lees Summit, MO
Organized. Friendly service. Happy dog. Cameras.

My dog Grayson is definitely a happy boy when we head out for Camp Bow Wow. When I ask him if he "wants to play with the puppy dogs" he knows exactly where we are headed. He paces around the back seat and whoops and whines until we get there. He races in to get to see everyone. All the folks who work at Camp Bow Wow are fantastic and their love for animals really shows.

Raytown, MO
My Delilah loves the staff and her furry friends. I worry about leaving my pet anywhere but not at Camp Bow Wow. I can watch her on the cam. She is happy and active. Much better than her being at home while I work and she remains social. The staff care about our fur babies!!

Kansas City, MO
The associates are very nice. They remember my dogs name as she comes in.

Lees Summit, MO
How friendly the staff is.

Your staff are very nice and I like the fact that I can see my dog while I am at home or work.

The staff are always friendly, kind, and excited to see my dog. I really appreciate them.

Very professional and they ensure pets are safe and healthy

Kansas City, MO
I love that Atlas gets to make friends every time he comes. He's much more socialized with other dogs. I don't worry about him when he's off playing for the day. I love that I can check in on him on the camp cams anytime I want. I love that he gets excited when I mention the word camp and whenever I pull into the parking lot he can barely contain himself. I know that he's treated well while he's there. If he wasn't he would not want to go. I love that he comes home tired and when I come to pick him up he still misses me enough to give a big hug. The camp counselors are super nice, they always update me on any play injuries he may have gotten and they all give me a report on how he did all day. Dog mom approved!

Raymore, MO
We absolutely love the staff here! They treat my baby girl just as I would and love her with the same affection. I would recommend Camp Bow Wow to anyone.

Belton, MO
Our dogs are always nervous to start but you guys did an amazing job at getting them out of their comfort zone and playing around. We also love that we could check up on them through the live video! It made us feel better that we could check in on them at any time.

Love their services and Milo had fun too!

My dog seemed happy!

Pleasant Hill, MO
Friendly service. The dogs love their playtime. They have cute additional activities. And pictures.

Proximity. Flexible pick up times for weekdays. Ease of scheduling via app. Great responses via email with staff.

Very friendly and professional.