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16642 146th St SE
Monroe, WA 98272
(360) 862-3040
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The people seem to really love their jobs! Nothing but kindness when we go.

All the staff is so attentive, they are very flexible with pick up and drop off, and I love the live feed they have going during the day so you can see the dogs playing. We love Camp Bow Wow!

Great staff and customer service.

We were so impressed by the team at Camp Bow Wow. They were organized, welcoming and great with our dog. The facility is great, for being all indoors. The only thing that would make it better is outdoor space - I think that would be a great addition.

Friendly and clean!

Camp Bow Wow for my dogs was AMAZING. My dogs felt comfortable in about 10 minutes on their first visit. The staff is professional, knowledgable, helpful, and very thorough. I love that you can just get online and watch your fur babies play.

My dog is so excited to go and we love that you also do baths!

The people working there are great!

We just love Taylor and all his staff at "CAMP BOW WOW " of Monroe, WA. My wife Julie and I are so thankful they came to our town. Because we or should I say I dont trust no one else to the safety and care of our 4 legged babies except CAMP BOW WOW. Of Monroe. At Camp Bow Wow dogs can do what they want to do and that is just have fun. What is the best they have Boarding at grest prices which we have used as well as they have Cameras througjout the play areas where you can even watch them from anywhere basically in the world via their Phone App. This is the only Doggie Day Care that I know of that has this and its great to watch my dogs having a blast there just being themselves. If you ever go there and you do the tour for your puppy, the first thing you will notice out of the gate is the fact it "DOES NOT SMELL AND OR STINK" like other dog kennels we have been to before. At Camp Bow Wow they are very clean. A very nice place for your dog or like us dogs for doggie day care. We also Board our Dogs there if we travel. They have what I call their. "FAMILY SUITE" lots of room for more then just one dog.. A lot of other Kennels would tell you have to have seprate kennels for each dog. Not here you can keep 2 dogs together and like us that is the best being our dogs are very close to each other. Then if they stay there over night or even a week or so, being together at night helps them as well. They are also helping to get our little dog to go there being we will be traveling and I believe the gal name is Sarah that works there. She is just AWESOME with our little girl who is a 2 year old female "Chawinnie" and her name is Daisy. I was surprise to see that Sarah was actually carrying Daisy being she would never go to anyone else being she is very scared all the time without her big brother MAKOA or sister BELLA near her. But Sarah is offered to work with Daisy to get her use to being there and that is totally why we just love CAMP BOW WOW. They are so nice and they know exactly what they are doing in the care of your loved one or ones. Try them out and you will not be disappointed. Also I was not paid or given a bonus of any type for saying all this about. CAMP BOW WOW of Monroe WA. I say the town this CAMP BOW WOW is in because they have multi locations and I want the world to know exactly what location I am talking about. Thank you again Camp Bow Wow Monroe WA. And keep up the great service. Mahalo, Robert & Julie Black Hawaiian Construction LLC

My dog always comes home worn out which is great when I have to work all day. Plus I can get him a bath and nail trim without the extra trip.


My dog loves coming to play with his friends

The interview process and very kind stass

All inclusive. Everything my busy dog needs is there!

People and loves the way of my pups tail when we are by door Love sanitary conditions

My two dog LOVE Camp Bow Wow, Monroe WA. When they see where they are going, Muddy and Cocoa run with excitement, tails wagging. Due to the nature of my job, I often have to kennel them for a week or more at a time. They are always happy to go back.

Zeke had a good time and your staff was very attentive.

always nice to know that our dog is allowed to play all day, rather than being stuck in a cage!!!

We love you! and so does Bowie

Very friendly staff