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Friendly staff

Upon arrival at 8am, the facility smelled of urine. My dog was in a room with what looked like 25 other dogs and 1-2 staff members, who just stood there the whole time and did not interact or play with the dogs at all.

Having the dog play areas truly partitioned with walls, vs how it is. It’s extremely noisy (got obvious reasons), and it smells like dog pee. I have been to other facilities and the play areas are truly separated and it snells very fresh

Ease of drop off, cameras and that they offer the bortedella shot.

Easiness and friendliness

Staff I've encountered all seem genuinely friendly and professional.

Amazing customer service! We feel so comfortable leaving our puppy in the hands of the counselors at Camp Bow Wow

Cameras , price, availability, hours

I love the care that Winnie receives at Bow Wow. It gives me great peace of mind.

I dropped my dogs off for their Trial Day on 7/29/22 as our normal dog sitter is not available for a trip coming up and wanted to see if we could make this work. My dogs are shy and were very clearly uncomfortable when I dropped them off (which I expected) so I was happy about the fact that there were cameras so I could keep an eye on them. I watched them on the cameras basically all day when they were in the play areas with cameras. My first concern came whenever my smaller dog got put into and left in the big dog area. I assume this was because my other dog is bigger and they were kept together for comfort which I understand, but my dog was clearly out of place. Another big dog began terrorizing my smaller dog. I watched this other dog fixate on my little dog, with my dog very clearly trying to get away and even correcting the other dog several times trying to get it away. This went on for 30 minutes to an hour before I had to call and request that my smaller dog be placed in the smaller area. I watched to make sure this would happen and it did, but the handler aggressively grabbed my dogs collar and pulled her into the smaller dog area. I did not appreciate the handling of my dog this way as my dogs do not behave in such a way that requires such force. The next concern was whenever the handler went to take pictures of my dogs. My dogs were very visibly anxious, but the handler used treats to get their focus and make them have a 'happy' picture. The reason this is a concern is explained next. The biggest concerns/reasons I will likely not take them back to Camp Bow Wow is: 1. whenever I went to pick them up, they were behind the counter and they had not been leashed yet. The handler was about to put their leashes on and held up one leash asking me who it belonged to. I told her my dog's name and the handler had to ask me which dog that was. This was quite shocking to me as it made it clear that particular handler did not really care to know who these dogs were. Add this to the fact no one noticed that my smaller dog was being terrorized by another dog as well as my smaller dog being handled aggressively, it doesn't make me feel very good about leaving them here. 2. they gave me a packet at the end of the day which had papers containing a description of my dogs' stay, how the handlers thought it went, and their picture (the pic described above), one paper for each dog. The papers explained that my dogs had a great time and listed off the names of 3 dogs each that my dogs played with. On both of their papers, it said "I can't wait for {my dog's name} to come back and meet new buddies!" The handlers rated my dogs as "5 tail wags" with 5 being the max. My dogs got slightly less anxious throughout the day, but I watched them enough to know that they did not play with any other dogs at all and tried to be by themselves or around the handlers (they are more comfortable with people). My dogs did not have a good time, and the fact they didn't have a good time is not the issue. The issue is that I was lied to in order to try to get my business. If I would've received more honest feedback about how my dogs were, I could've worked with that and would've been much more likely to bring them back. I would like to make clear that I AM NOT trying to imply the handlers do not care or are mistreating the dogs. Aside from the incidents listed in 1, the handlers were good with the dogs from what I could tell. I noticed one or two handlers being gentle with my bigger dog and trying to make them comfortable.
Response From Camp Bow Wow Oak Park
August 03, 2022
I am sorry that you were unhappy with your experience on your dogs' first day. Based on your comments, it doesn't sound like you want to bring your dogs back to camp but before you make that final decision, let me provide some insight into what you observed. 1. We train Camp Counselors how to move dogs safely and effectively in the camp. We do not use force or aggression when moving dogs. The video camera feed is sometimes choppy because it is being uploaded by us and downloaded by you in real time, so not every single frame is in the stream. This may make our movements look faster or more forceful than they really are. 2. We allow everyone to look at what we are doing at camp, so our handling techniques are visible. Not all daycares are as transparent but I know we can stand by the appropriateness of our handling. 3. The picture we take of your dog is uploaded to our system so that we can learn who is who. We use a treat to get their attention because there are multiple distractions at camp and it doesnt do us any good to have a picture of the side or back of the dog. It takes us time to get to know all the dogs by name, so I am sorry the person who was leashing hadn't met your dogs. To say that they didnt care to learn is insulting. 4. I take exception to your comment that we lied to you about your dogs. They passed the interview day without incident. They were friendly and non-aggressive. They used appropriate dog behavior when they got attention from other dogs that they didn't want. That is what we are looking for. Maybe we should change our grading system to a pass/fail so you won’t feel lied to. 5. You claim that it was clear your dogs didn't like camp. That may or may not be true. There are many dogs that come to camp regularly but never "play". They socialize with other dogs in different ways; following, sniffing, and just watching. They enjoy camp and can't wait to come, but you wouldn't call them big players. When your dogs get comfortable in the environment, they may play, they may not, but it is a stimulating and entertaining environment for them as opposed to sitting along at home. It is 100% your choice what you want to choose for your dog, we are just one option. 6. I agree with your comment about giving feedback about your dogs' behavior on the first day. The person who did your checkout should have acknowledged that they were still anxious or whether or not they were less nervous by the end of the day. I will follow up with that person to see that they do that going forward. Our camp is set up for dogs who enjoy interactions with other dogs. Because your dogs have each other, interacting with another dog may not feel like a big treat to them. That being said, we have many two dog families that love that their dogs can board together in a shared cabin and have the option of play time in a group of dogs of similar size. If that is something that you are looking for, I would encourage you to give us another chance.

I wish my dog wasn't so stinky when he comes home and that your baths weren't so expensive, but with 100 dogs drooling on him all day not sure how to avoid that! I do love that he's not in a cage all day but instead having fun playing with other dogs.

Love the camera system and how easy it is to watch my Cali. I also like that it is such a small staff that they mostly know the repeat attenders. Great, easy in and out. Love this place!

You are very responsive and go out of your way to meet the needs of both your human and dog customers. You also seem to really love the dogs and take good care of them.

When I picked up my dog he had brown stuff all over his tail and anus. I wish someone would have noticed and cleaned him up or investigated why it was like that. I took him home and cleaned him up and took him to the vet. His anal gland had burst. It's not Camp Bow Wows fault they should've noticed something wasn't right with his anus and let me know

Everything is great!

I've loved Camp Bow Wow and have been loyal customers for years. While we don't use it much for day camp any more, we still use it constantly for our boarding needs. While I was glad to hear they were able to give Stella her needed meds, I was disappointed to hear that she was not put into the senior lounge as I had requested and was told she would be. (She is not only old but also has a spinal injury.) I kept checking the cams and the senior lounge cam didn't work. I finally called the day before we were getting her to let them know and was informed she was kept in her cabin and not put in the senior lounge since another dog was in there that was a senior. While I understand that this other dog was in there, I was disappointed they couldn't rotate them to take turns. Also, why didn't anyone tell me?

friendly staff and takes good care of our dog.

I loved the care and oversight you took while watching and integrating the dogs as they arrived. It's clear your team is professional and cares for the well-being of the pups in your care.

I liked the caring attitude and the way my dogs were introduced to the other dogs gradually , most staff was very professional and caring and very friendly .

Friendly staff.