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2101 17th Street
Sarasota, FL 34234
(941) 366-2267
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Bradenton, FL
I love the way my Bella is recognized every time she comes to play or stay. The staff is eager to talk about her and greet her. I have utilized other places locally and have paid lots more and I always felt like a stranger. Not here!

Denita is the best! Friendly staff, my dogs like it there, like the webcams!

Englewood, CO
Great place, fun to watch the dogs on the camera.

Very nice people.

Friendly, competent staff. My dog, Marley, always has fun

I love the on-site human with the digs at play. They do a great job with giving the medications and the somewhat complicated raw diet I have my mutts on. When I pick my dogs up after they board, they are happy, not acting weird

My yellow lab Bode has been a happy Camper for 4 years ♥️ He about leaps out of the car the moment he sees Camp Bow Wow! Kind and loving staff, attentive and a very clean and safe environment for my boy.

I appreciate that Tokin is kept safe, cared for, and is well loved by the Bow Wow Team. Her favorite days of the week are when she goes to camp. I also very much appreciate the business side; courteous, knowledge, and friendly staff. Hours for camp are perfect and I’ve boarded her once, which also went very well. Thank you for taking care of my best friend:) Mitch

Middle River, MD
we only had the preliminary interview and didn't get to use the services before we had to leave Sarasota, but appreciated the kindness of the staff, the free trial period, Sammy being placed with dogs appropriate to his size and age.

Clean facility and friendly staff

Sarasota, FL
Very friendly staff always attentive to buddy’s needs

friendly staff , camera's to watch my dogs and my dogs can't wait to get there !!

I recommend Camp Bow Wow to friends all the time! We are very happy with the service we receive at Camp Bow Wow. One thing I have noticed recently is that it seems like staff are closing up a little early. Last week, I checked in on my dogs around 5:50 PM before I was about to go pick them up and all of the play yards were cleaned and empty with doors open meaning my dogs (+ probably others) were likely just sitting in a kennel waiting for me to pick them up. If you don't close until 7 pm then I feel as though dogs should at least be able to be in out in the play yard until at least 6:15 - 6:30 PM. I want to be sensitive and understanding to the fact that staff are ready to go at 7 PM and do not want to stay too late, but I'm paying for my dogs to be there and play so I'm a little disappointed that they appear to close up shop an hour before I technically need to be there to pick them up. I checked in around 5:50 - 6 PM and the play yards were already cleaned meaning my dogs left the play yard well before that. If it was 6:30 PM, that seems reasonable, but 6 PM?

Great staff who really care about your friend ❤️

The care they give.

Sarasota, FL


I love that my dogs love going to Camp. Everyone is very nice and at least know your dogs name!

Sarasota, FL
easy, great service. scarlett loved playing here all day