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475 W 3600 South, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 288-2275
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Vineyard, UT
It’s the best thing ever pulling up your live web cams to see how Marley is doing!! It brings me peace if mind seeing that she is happy & active!

I love being able to check on my dog it makes me feel better and that she can sleep in her own cabin with toys and such.

Camp Bow Wow has great people that truly love and care for my 4 legged son.

My labradoodle, Zoe, is excited to go to Camp Bow Wow. I do not worry about her because she loves the staff and they are very affectionate towards her.

I like that I get daily reports sent home during pickup and that all the staff are familiar with my baby.

Everything!! The folks are truly dog lovers and families of dogs, Wrigley loves them

Taylorsville, UT
The staff. They treated my dog well.

West Valley City, UT
I’ve tried a couple different daycares and this is the only place that actually takes care of Smokey. I’ll be a customer as long as I’m in Utah. Highly recommended, and hiring!

I had high hopes for Camp Bow Wow, but after I saw two coworkers bickering and overheard another worker yelling at a dog I was a little nervous. I still decided to give it a chance. However, when saw another worker on the webcam grab a dog by his collar that was enough for me to leave work immediately and go pick up my precious pup and cancel all my reservations for daycare. I also feel there could be more interaction (appropriate and kind) between staff and the pups and there could be more to stimulate the pups instead of just a single ramp.

Lehi, UT
Camp bow wow was really personable with my three dogs and took great care of them!

I’ve asked two front desk people, on two separate occasions, for the picture of Ellie that was on on her first day report. I know they’re very busy and I’m not surprised that they haven’t had the chance to do it yet but they both said they would and I don’t have it yet. They said they’d post it on Facebook and it’s not there, not so that I can find it anyway, so I asked that it be emailed or texted to me and I still don’t have it. Don’t get me wrong, I think you guys are great and I’ve already recommended you to several people…in Salt Lake City and outside Utah. I just think that if you say you’re going to do something…like get me a picture…you should follow up and get that done. Thanks…love you guys, [FIRST NAME REMOVED] C:[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

I like how easy it is to be able to drop and pick your dog up. And I love that they have someone keeping an eye on the dogs at all times. It was my dogs first time and I don't think she was impressed. But hopefully she warms up to it

My dog always comes back happy and exhausted from all the attention and playtime he gets.

Bailey is well taken care of, staff friendly and helpful. I feel good about leaving her with you.

I don't bring my dog often, because the last two times I've brought my dog here, he gets sick. I dropped him off for one full day of daycare due to an overly hectic schedule. Throughout the day, I was not able to see him on camera in any of the play yards. I called and left a VM asking if everything was alright, and why I couldn't see my dog on any camera and asked them to please call me back. No one did. When I asked about it at pick-up, they said that there were a few blind spots and for some reason, dogs like to hang out in those areas. That night my dog started with the reverse sneezing and it continued to worsen over the next few days, to where it was nonstop and he was struggling to breathe. He had a lot of nasal discharge and green goopy eyes. I took him to the vet and they said he had a respiratory infection and prescribed antibiotics. It has been really frustrating to me, that I take him somewhere to be cared for and have good interaction time with people and dogs, but he ends up being worse off than had I just left him home alone.

Salt Lake City, UT
The staff is so attentive and caring. Otis always come home happy and ready to take a nap!

They care about your pet and doing a professional job.

Salt Lake City, UT
Everyone was extremely nice and Brody had a great time!! I definitely felt like he was in good hands:)

CBW SSL takes wonderful care of my personal and adoptive dogs. It's a great service to the community and helps my rescue dogs with both socialization and training so they're somewhat civilized before going into a new home.

Professional staff who understand dog behavior. The services offered such as training and puppy socialization.