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1900 W. Sunset
Springfield, MO 65807
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Both of my dogs are anti-social.... and not very happy there.. IDK why?

Joplin, MO
This is an amazing doggie daycare! I’ve been to others and this place is amazing! Thank you! We can’t wait to come back!

Bradford Park veterinary.

Friendly, good range of services

Two of our dogs came home covered in diarrhea after a two night stay. It was matted into their fur. Super upsetting and we had to immediately take them to Petsway for baths after our trip.

Springfield, MO
Our Leo loves his playdates at camp. He seems to have a good time and comes home tired. I like when they send me pictures of him having fun.

My dog gets to spend the day playing with his friends under great supervision! I love being able to watch the live cameras online to check out what he is doing.

I love that I can look In the rooms and find my dog and see that she is enjoying herself . I love that there is always someone in the room with her at all times. I love that when I pick her up after a few days she dies not smell like urine. There are many places that just do not keep there place clean and when the dogs lay down They lay where others have peed. My dog Lilly came home this past time so tired and she was so happy from so much play time. I love that they have afternoon or full day for play time. All in all it’s a great day for a dog that doesn’t have other dogs to play with, to go to.

Friendly staff. Explains things well and makes sure all questions are answered. Did not make me feel like my dog is just a pet. I felt like they truly cared about him. Clean facility and attention to the animals was great. We'll be back.

Springfield, MO
Everything! The people are so nice, I love being able to watch my puppy play, and he’s exhausted the whole evening after I pick him up!

My dog loves it and that’s the best compliment ever

The Camp Counselors!! They treat my Lucy like family and even if we don’t make it in for a few months, they still know her by name. I also love the convenience of unscheduled day care.

Tucker loves going to camp and is very fond of the counselors.

friendly people. They love my dog!

Jack loved his day at Camp Bow Wow and fell asleep in the car on the way home. We will be back next week!

The last 2 stays, it seems that our four legged family are left in kennels most of the day and let out in the afternoon. Last sunday I jumped online to check ever 45 mins and didn't see one pet in the outside or inside yards. I could save the $50 and leave her home if I wanted to keep her pinned up all day. Not happy
Response From Camp Bow Wow Springfield West MO
January 24, 2020
Hi Dale, thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We offer 6 to 8 hours of play throughout the week, and 4 to 6 hours of play on the weekends days! We'd be happy to give you a break down of our play schedules so you have a better idea of when you can tune in and watch your pup playing in the yards. A member of our leadership team will be in touch soon!

You didn’t feed my dog enough food.

Allow you to view video after the dog has visited. I drop my dog off because I have things to do and don’t have time to be watching while he is there. It would be great to view the video in the evening after he has been there all day so I can see how he is interacting with other dogs. The other two daycares that he goes to do this and it is very nice to be able to look back at his day.

We love camp bow wow, but it seems like our pup always gets eye or ear infections after going. Once or twice is one thing, but this happens almost every time. It makes me wonder if they are not keeping the facility clean?

The staff always greet my pup and I enthusiastically when we come in. I love that they will send out text updates with pictures during the day!