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1900 W. Sunset
Springfield, MO 65807
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Springfield, MO
The team is awesome with the dogs and my collie is always excited to see them

My girl really has fun and comes home ready for a nap! I've already referred some co-workers to Camp Bow Wow and their dogs love it too!

Republic, MO
The staff at Camp Bow Wow are awesome, they treat our babies like they were their own!!! My high energy dogs get to hang out with their friends and they come home tired. I’m so grateful that I can take them there!!!

Strafford, MO
We know our Tristan is safe and enjoying his Camp Bow Bow experience with other campers. We can check in on him via camper cams and he loves the enrichment program! The staff is great and we know Tristan is getting the attention and love while we are away from him! Thank you Camp Bow Wow!

I was disappointed in the new tip policy for the staff. I think you should pay the staff sufficient so they don’t have to rely on tips. As I was confronted with that question of the size of the tip I found I had no basis for a tip, let alone its size. I did not know who did what or if anything special for Cully during his stay. It was a real turn off for me. [NAME REMOVED]

I love that I can pick up my dog until 7pm.

Springfield, MO
Very friendly and informative. Love the cameras. Staff is great.

Dog came out limping. Young people who just give generic answers on the weekend visit.

Staff are amazing! So nice and my dog loves them.

I really appreciate the services of Camp Bow Wow. I did notice that my small to medium size puppy was placed with a larger dog that seemed to hump the smaller dogs quite a lot. I did not like that behavior around my male dog in case it's something that dogs learn from one another. I wouldn't want my dog in a class again with a dog that exhibits that behavior.

Marshfield, MO
Our pup, Faith, went to Camp Bow Wow for the first time Tuesday. She LOVED it! We went back Thursday with her dragging me to the door to get in. I feel so much better knowing that on our long days at work, our fur baby is having a blast!

Sunny loves Camp BowWow!! We know he is in the best hands when while he is there! And he has the best day!

Republic, MO
The staff at Camp Bow Wow, Springfield West is so welcoming, comforting, and super nice. Upon leaving I always feel very comfortable that my Dog in is in good hands.

My dogs like going there and I feel safe leaving them there.

Springfield, MO
Pricing or offer a payment plan, seems pricey. Especially when you want your pup to do the enrichment as well.

Collins, MO
The staff are very friendly and helpful

Springfield, MO
Great staff! Always upbeat and you can see they love what they do

Springfield, MO
All the associates are very happy every time I take Franklin in.

Springfield, MO
Very welcoming staff. Good programs for the dogs great atmosphere. Love the camper cams and seeing my pup during the day

Battlefield, MO
I adore all of the staff. And our dogs absolutely love going and “playing with their friends”