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19795 E. 9 Mile Rd.
St Clair Shores, MI 48080
(586) 445-9663
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Gross Pointe Farms, MI

Mabel loves to come to Camp Bow Wow, she loves playing with her camp friends. The staff is terrific, professional and engaging. Camp Bow Wow cares about you and your fur baby.

I love the fact that I can drop my dog off so he can play all day. It always feels like the first day of kindergarten when I bring him in. He goes straight for the door to run inside. No goodbyes. I have not taken advantage yet, but you can also have grooming while they are at camp. Simply Awesome 👌

Our dog visited for a one day “meet & greet”and was infected with kennel cough. There were several dogs that had been infected per the email I received from Camp Bow Wow. I had to cancel our boarding reservation and had to think of a last minute plan for his care. I also had a $500 vet bill because he was so sick as a result of the cough, infection, fever and dehydration. Not a good experience for our poor, sick dog or us.

It would be nice to offer dog walking if dogs are being housed for longer periods of time, up to a week. This would give them a break from the other dogs, the noise, and just offer a little more stimulation during longer stays. Otherwise your staff is wonderful and kind to the dogs!

There are not enough staff to properly care for an exercise the amount of dogs that Camp Bow Wow SCS takes, particularly on the weekend. Dogs need interaction and social time, they cannot sit in kennels all day. Camp Bow Wow SCS needs to reorganize and figure out how to make this a better experience for dogs and their families.

Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Everything. Took my late pup there for many years & want my new guy to have the same trusted care when I am not able to be with him.

Canp bow wow is 5star across the board ❣️

My dog requires special medication and feeding, the staff is always very helpful in meeting his needs.

Saint Clair Shores, MI
You take good care of my Jaxson

They are cheerful, professional, and good communicators. My dog Archie loves going there. I love when they send pics, although that has fallen off I’m sure due to staffing issues. I have taken Archie to 3 different CBW’s (also Pittsburgh & Nashville) and I like this one best.

Great communication while our four-legged family member is away from us. And, the staff is always polite, friendly and interested in learning how to best care for our dog.

Our Boxer is always treated well and he seems to enjoy his visits.

The staff was very friendly and Chloe was very happy and excited when I picked her up I love to be able to watch her interact with the other dogs and your staff

Saint Clair Shores
Kieran is groomed every two weeks and they place an ascot on his collar that extends 2inches out from his break away collar. This has not been a problem until recently when one member of staff removes it. If the concern that the 2 inches places him in some sort of danger then he probably is not safe there with his 5 inch ears or name tag. I do not believe the motivation is one of providing a safe environment. I would like for it not to be removed.


My dog does appear like she enjoys herself, but I found out her bed was soaked and smelled of urine. Did she have to sleep that way? No one was in attendance when the bed was picked up to take to the car. I am very hesitant to have her stay there again.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Our litter robot was never emptied over five visits, our cats were not given wet food which I thought was part of our original file, and the fifth visit barely happened—our porch camera clocked the visit at just 10 minutes. I’m glad my cats got fed, but that is only 1/3 of the time paid for. I understand that this is a difficult time overall and a difficult week with the holiday, but there were a lot of shortcomings to this set of visits that had never occurred before. I’m disappointed but I hope that this is just a hiccup in service that I’ve otherwise been happy to rely on.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Our pups are so happy at Camp Bow Wow! The staff is attentive and the facilities is clean!!

Always very friendly very good with my dog I’m very accommodating to the needs when he’s there