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581 Hope St.
Stamford, CT 06907
203 504-2288
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My dogs love Camp Bow Wow!!

The staff has been very supportive of our very energetic puppy who needs some extra care

Great opportunity for socialization and exercise for my dog. Video Cameras are key - to be able to watch interaction.

I like how the dogs are all together and hang out but they don’t seem to be having fun. They just stand around or walk around, and the person there doesn’t play or interact with them. I don’t see them petting any dogs or reassuring them. Daycare is necessary sometimes, but we always need to give our dog a bath when she gets home. The kennel smell is very strong.

Stamford, CT
The dogs are really smelly when they come home. Not sure why??

The friendly team working Michelle and Justin

Stamford, CT
Before the Pandemic, there were sometimes too many dogs, jam packed in each room. It has not been so bad since Covid. Also my dog came home one day with a broken and bleeding Canine tooth and nobody there could explain it to me, so I'm not sure how good the supervision is.

Pup is always happy and excited to come to bow wow! Everyone there knows her and she genuinely enjoys seeing her camper friends!

I LOVE Camp Bow Wow and so do both of my dogs. They go to day care at least once a week just for socialization and exercise, always coming home happy and tired. The staff is wonderful, always helpful and they know my dogs and interact with them as if they were their own animals. I also appreciate the Camp Cams, where I can check in on them by signing in online. This is a great service and provides another level of comfort and confidence in them attending camp. I am a very happy customer, and it starts with the quality and knowledge of the people at the facility. Thank you for taking the time and care to ensure I can relax when my two dogs are at camp.

The staff are incredibly friendly and always take great care of my dog. She loves getting to interact and play with all the dogs in a safe environment. She can’t wait to get to Camp Bow Wow in Stamford!

My dog loves Camp Bow Wow and so do we. All of the employees are friendly and caring. I never worry leaving my dog in their care.

Great care from the staff. I can tell that my dogs are always happy!

Friendly staff!

Boone loved it!

The online registration form was HORRENDOUS to use on mobile. Probably wasted 30 mins screaming at my phone every time I couldn’t see the field I was supposed to be filling in, then getting stuck in some signature screen that wouldn’t let me close it down so I just drew a bunch of lines over and over trying to get to the part of the screen where I could keep working on the submission, and then not being able to see where to actually submit it - one of the worst online experiences I have had in YEARS. Otherwise, relative to other places I’ve seen the Facilities could be larger for play, and with a cleaner aesthetic (instead of just concrete and wire). Also I worry that the crates and play area aren’t separated, seems like dogs would have a hard time truly relaxing with so much noise. But the staff seems good and I like that all dogs have to be interviewed, and the day care and boarding processes seem very convenient.

The entire staff at Camp Bow Wow are gentle and caring. They know dogs and pups so well, but they also know the dogs owners and treat us all respectfully. You can see in your own dogs eyes how happy they are to arrive for camp and see their best bud counselors. Thank you all 🌟

My dog really enjoys the daycare experience at Camp Bow Wow and I love watching him play. It’s so much easier to go back to the office knowing he is enjoying his stay at daycare.

I love the place. My little brownie was very happy to be there, first time he was away from the house. He is definitely coming back there in the summer when he is back from college where he lives with my daughter.

Safe environment for my pup! Love the web-cams to check in during the day!

Friendly staff