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The care everyone takes with the dogs

The 2 times I've used CBW (trial day and then 4 days of boarding) I requested a bath and brush, and neither time was it done. Also, I called the day before my reservation to board and I had not been scheduled despite me making the reservation 2 weeks earlier. The apparent lack of organization is why I won't be returning to CBW.

Upgrade the cameras especially inside have a maximum level that the volume of the music can be played - blaring music is not pet friendly especially with commercials that get louder. maybe let them use amazon prime music assuming you have an account w/ them FEEDBACK ON MY DOG WHEN I PICK HER UP - did she play? did she stay by herself ? i realize it may not be possible any time but it would be helpful to know last few times i was watching from work there was a lot of dog humping and no water bottle action or separating the dog, made me wonder if employee was in the yard?

Love your camp

Mack didn't want to leave. He had so much fun and was worn out by the time he got home which is exactly what we wanted. :)

Friendly & convenient

Our dog seems to really love to go there

Dogs initially isolated with no bed or padding for over an hour and a half. The workers do not interact or engage with the dogs during playtime. Human interaction is just as important as canine in a daycare facility. Fearful dogs were not worked with to help them get used to new environment/situation. Full gear (Harnesses, collars) are left on in the play area. Outdoor access is not limited in the heat of summer. Mostly, you guys really need to start having your employees interact and spend time with the dogs. I did not see a single person in the playroom and that is a major issue for me.

It was great, I liked staff, and felt good about leaving my dog, enjoyed the webcam too.

My boys are always taken good care of. They have been there a week now and I’ve been watching them each day. They are looking good so that makes me happy. I’ll pick them up tomorrow and they will probably look at me and say why are you here mom ? We’ve been having lots of fun.

Friendly staff. Great facilities. Reasonable rates. Convenient location. Our dog loves going to CBW.

Everyone is so kind and caring about our baby Bella. She is so loved there!

I hadn't received information about Harry's condition until I called on the day I was scheduled to pick him up. I was then told that he was experiencing symptoms similar to kennel cough and was being isolated from other dogs. In the future, I would hope that a dog owner would be contacted when any aspect of their dog's health changes. When we arrived to pick up Harry he was covered in urine and feces on his paws, stomach, and torso. I thought he just had water at the bottom of his paws but when I got him into my car I realized he was matted with urine and feces and that in some areas it was completely dry and crusted. This makes me believe that Harry had been covered in this excrement for well over a day at the least. We ended up taking pictures of this because we were so shocked with this being the outcome of his stay. This also led me to believe that I did not leave my puppy in a place that was safe and with workers that understood what their roles were as caretakers of animals. I worked in a kennel for several years when I was younger and even as a high schooler/college student I would have never left a dog in that condition. When I was washing Harry we also noticed that around his nail beds were red and inflamed which also leads me to believe that he had been in that state for a long time. We have also had to take him to the vet and he had to receive antibiotics for a viral infection. I had received a call from a worker at Camp Bow Wow about a toy that had been in the washer when I had gone to pick Harry up and let her know about the situation and how upset/disappointed I had been with his condition. She was very understanding and informed me that the manager was not in but that she would make sure the manager knew about this so that they could better their services. While I do not know if I will ever feel comfortable leaving my own pet with this establishment again I do hope that what I am submitting will be taken to heart and changes will be made to prevent this from happening for other dogs.

Tulsa, OK
Everything, kindness shown to my dogs..

I love being able to watch the cameras, and the friendliness of the staff. Stella seems to be happy to go there when we have to drop her off.

Friendly staff who loves dogs, human dog interaction, group playtime, individual playtime since my dogs were anti-social at times, live cameras put me at ease

Very friendly staff clean facilities, I love the cameras they have set up easy to check in on my puppy

We picked up our dog, and she was so happy and worn out in the best way! I could tell she had a great time with the other dogs and caretakers, which means so much to us. Would definitely recommend!

I like Everything – I like the customer service. I like picking my dog up happy and exhausted. I like the facility. And I like the prices

We love that our dog is not just stuck in a crate. It's great that even while we're out of the country we can dial in and watch our dog playing with the other dogs. I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow.