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142 S 147th East Ave
Tulsa, OK 74116
(918) 437-3647
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Staff, camera access and satisfaction of dogs.

We appreciate you always having space available for Lucie. And how clean the facility is. The staff is always so friendly.

The ability to watch our pet via wi-fi. Positive staff interactions with us and our pet. And most importantly, Flash is always happy to know he is going to be spending time there. We cannot say the name in conversation as he gets so excited!

Staff is always friendly and they seem happy to see Rip when he comes in. I appreciate that the reservation process is easy.

The camp employees seem to really like my dog and are kind to him.

My Dog loves it.

Sand Springs, OK
I have four fur babies and I finally found a place where i feel safe leaving them. The staff was amazing, caring and gave me details of how they did during my time away. I feel they really care about my babies and treated them well. We will be back and it is because of both the safety I feel and the good time they had. Thank you!

Love the care.

Catoosa, OK
Meet the pet parents

We were certain we asked for our fog to get a bath before we picked her up from boarfing. ( My husband dropped her off with me and heard me say bath and nail trim please) She was not bathed and I was told she was not written down to have a bath. A little frustrating!

Tulsa, OK
The staff is kind and I like the services they offer.

Ringo had a great time and I would take him there again.

Broken Arrow, OK
Seeing someone with or near, always watching my girl makes me feel so good.

My hound loves going there and is always exhausted from playing with all of the other puppies. We all in the door and they call him by name.

My baby is always welcomed and taken such good care of while he is there!! He loves going!! Staff always acts excited to see him!

I love Camp Bow Wow. The staff is so caring. I have a Senior dog that has gone blind from a dog attack. They give him so much attention and the groomer will call when he is finished so I can immediately go get him so he does not become panicky. My other dog loves going there also. He enjoys his grooming and the attention.

My boys love Camp Bow Wow. Everyone is the best.

The love that each one there shows amazing love and care to my pride and joy!! The kindness you all give to us fur parents, even when I’m being a little over protective. Im blessed to have a nice, clean, organized facility, that she’s able to spend her day at while I work. Wow the patience and the tons of soap you have to use on her, because she likes to roll. Lol Im grateful for the flexibility you all show my girl, just to make her comfortable and not scared In switching classes. Instead of forcing her, you guys are working with her slowly, until she is ready to grow up. I also appreciate the camp cams tons!!! I so enjoy watching her play with her fur friends during the day. It’s the best! You guys truly go over and above in every area! Thank you, Rhonda B.🐾🐾

Edmond, OK
Arrived before 10:00 am to pick my dog up and no one was there. Doors were locked and no answer on the phone. Spent 45 minutes trying to get ahold of someone so I could get my dog and drive the two hours home. Finally got an email saying someone would meet me, but obviously I had to find somewhere to go to kill time because we were already checked out of our hotel. So drove thirty minutes back. In the end, it added two hours of solely driving just to get my dog. I showed up to pick her up and she had a toy in her mouth that didn’t belong to her that they were just going to let me walk out with, so I handed it to the manager and told her it wasn’t my dog’s. I recognize Sundays are not a typical work day, but posting hours you do not honor really puts people in a bind. This is especially true for people like me who don’t live in Tulsa and had several obligations waiting on me when I got home. No explanation or apology was given as to why no one was there and it was incredibly frustrating all around.

Clearer communication and transparency. Commitment to change protocol and address concern head on. Refund of all package monies on account.