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1707 Paramount Court
Waukesha, WI 53186
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Waukesha, WI
Day care, training, all of it!

Hours, friendliness of staff.

The boys seemed like they had a great time! They were so tired for two days after we picked them up. All they did was sleep! And we were able to watch them playing while we were on vacation. So that made us feel better about leaving them. We saw the staff giving them attention which they loved. Thank you for the notes from their one on one times and from their stay. Those are so fun to read. Oh and Maury’s nails looked awesome!

Easily accessible. Web cam. Check out if dog fits in.

You know my puppers names and they are always happy to come to you, which tells me they are comfortable with all of you.

Staff were very helpful and friendly, the Webcam is nice to be able to check in, and our pup had a great time!

My pup loves going to Camp Bow Wow and he loves to play with other dogs. The staff are friendly and welcoming. The enrichment sessions that can be booked on one on one basis gives your pup an extra touch.

Professional and outstanding service. Willy enjoys and feel welcome at the Waukesha Camp Bow Wow! Thank you so much for your caring service!

Friendly staff, great care for our dog and our kids love the cameras! We always trust Camp Bow Bow will give our pup a fun, tiring day.

I love that the dogs are able to play freely throughout the day and they are not locked in a kennel all day. Thanks!

I loved the indoor and outdoor play yards. It gave our dog the option to be inside or outside with her friends. I also loved watching the live videos just to see how Mya was interacting with other dogs and to check in from time to time. Gave me a piece of mind while we were traveling. Guilt free experience :)


It is to early to make the call as weather or not I would recommend Camp Bow Wow. Time will tell. The people that work there a are very helpful and friendly. My dog Buddy has only been there 3 times so far, Every time I pick him up he is panting a lot and is wet. It is my opinion that he gets separation anxiety, and hope this will go away after a few more stays.
Response From Camp Bow Wow Waukesha
September 24, 2021
Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey! We value all feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve! I wanted to take the time to let you know that Buddy really does seem to be enjoying his time at Camp! He really enjoys romping around with the other pups, which could be a big reason as to why he is panting as he is exerting lots of energy while playing. We have also noticed that he really enjoys to play with and chase the hose. This is likely why he is wet. Whenever we use the hose to spray down our turf, he loves running through it and biting at the water stream. He really does enjoy himself and we love having him as part of the Camp family! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Very friendly, clean, and well staffed.

I love the cameras and watching my dog play and hang out, everyone is always super friendly and helpful!

Extended hours on Saturdays and caring employees.

My dog has fun there

Staff are great.

You guys are a convenient location for me between where I live and a lot of the places I need to go. It's a quick in and out, and I know you guys will be professional in the care of my dog.

The staff at Camp Bow Wow is so impressive and attentive we choose to bring our pups here despite it being quite bit out of the way. Absolutely worth it!!