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863 Bradley Rd.
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 899-9100
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When we picked our dog up, his paws were stained yellow (he’s a white dog) and he smelled of urine. He also came home with a case of kennel cough. Other than that, it seemed like he had a good experience.

Always appreciate the people at the Weslake location and how they connect with me and my dog. Will certainly keep coming back.

Friendly atmosphere, east drop off and pick up for our dog. She lives it there and is worn out when she gets home.

Super friendly staff! Gave him a bath yesterday, the kid looks good! He will return VERY regularly!

Strongsville, OH
I booked my dog’s daycare day on the app and received an email stating “all set” so I assumed everything was ready to go. Once I arrived the woman that checked my pup in was clearly annoyed that I had not requested to have my pup’s info cloned over from his usual spot in Strongsville. This was my first time doing this so I was not aware of the process. She made it very clear that she was upset. She took our dog, Theo, back to the little dog section where he was stormed by a lot of dogs. I watched on the front screens to make sure he was ok. She came back up front and asked if he normally does ok which I replied yes and that he must just feel overwhelmed. Our dog ended up calming down and was fine. I stayed to make sure everything was ok which again the front desk rep really didn’t want anything to do with me, so much so she walked into a side room and closed the door. Honestly if my family didn’t have a military ceremony to attend I would have just taken Theo back to our hotel room. My daughter and I excitedly went to pick up our pup around 3pm. We walked in to again to another not so happy front desk rep. She asked our pups name, I replied Theo, she charged my card and went back to get him. She then walked out with a dog that was not our dog. She thought I said Leo. Thankfully we got our Theo boy back and headed out. We have been with Camp Bow Wow for a good amount of time. Our precious dog, Cutter used Camp Bow Wow for boarding and day care as well our current dog, Theo. We are an active duty military family so having a trusting place we can leave our dog when we move is in important to us. I can say this is our first bad experience with Camp Bow Wow.

Camp bow wow Westlake is amazing. They have a friendly personal touch with all the families. They know our dogs by name, always help us out in a pinch, and always give our pups the best care! We love camp bow wow Westlake

Friendly staff

Camp Bow Wow always exceeds my expectations. The staff is always so polite and welcoming and my dog loves visiting!

We just love CBW for our husky - they are the best! We drive an hour to get there

Camp BowWow is the best. I fully trust them with my dogs and highly recommend them!!! As my vet says- a tired dog is a good dog - and my dog comes home tired everyday!!

Always friendly and one happy dog after a day of fun.

Everyone is very nice and friendly. They treat our dog like we would want them to. We love it that we can watch our dog on the internet and we can see how good the person in the room is to the dog. Our dog likes going that and that's all that counts. That means they are good to her.

I am always at ease when our pup is at Camp Bow Wow when we are away!! They take amazing care of our pup (and all pups). I love the cameras so I’m able to check on our girl. Plus if you have any concerns that you see on camera (like you think your dog looks sad or they are not playing) you can call and they personally go check on the pup and see how they are doing. I cannot say enough good things about Camp Bow Wow Westlake!! They are wonderful!!

Avon Lake, OH
I love that I can leave my dear pup with caring, well-trained, responsible counselors at Camp Bow Wow. It gives me great peace of mind when my furry companion cannot accompany me. I owe the staff my deep gratitude as they have helped me through months of recovery after surgeries by lovingly attending my gal. My thanks to the staff of Camp Bow Wow!

CBW has run/plat areas our dog is let into. She is not confined to a cage all day.

Very professional and friendly.

Very friendly staff who care about the well being of your pet. My dog loves going to day care and playing with the other dogs!

My pup loves coming to Camp Bow Wow and I feel better knowing she is in their care while I am at work or away.

Always friendly. I know they love dogs. My dog loves going there

Convenient, good care