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Very knowledgeable and helpful. Did not have to ask a question twice. Always got back to me promptly.

My brother and I first contacted Care Patrol over a year ago as we began searching out options for our elderly parents. When our father died recently, and we needed to immediately find a memory care facility for our mother, Sandi at Care Patrol work with us to present options and set up visits. We were able to place our mother into a facility within a week, thanks to Sandi’s help. She supported us all they way, responding immediately to questions and finding out details that helped us to consider avenues of funding amongst other things. We have great respect for Sandi and the Care Patrol team. They provide an invaluable service in very difficult situations, and their help and expertise was a lifesaver for us and our family.

Care Patrol helped me when I was at my lowest point. I had all but given up on finding placement for my brother who suffers from a mental deficiency and needs so much help. Melanie Lockerby came to me through a referral and I called her. She is so nice and professional. She got right on the issue I was experiencing and had my brother placed in less than a month. I cannot tell you the weight that has been lifted from my shoulders because of Melanie Lockerby at Care Patrol. What a great resource to have and work with

Great service from Melanie

I one hundred percent could not have moved my mom from a very unsafe assisted living home that was 2 1/2 hours away from me. So they were so helpful as it was a very stressful experience. She stayed with me through the entire walk through of the new facility and has kept in touch with us as well. Helped me find a moving company as well, who were outstanding humans. With a one day notice as it was an emergency removal due to negligence from the home my mom was in. Homegrown moving company was amazing and I can’t say enough about the help from the young lady that helped me.

Melanie was extremely caring and helped me feel comfortable in a very difficult situation of needing to suddenly, unexpectedly change living arrangements for my parents . She was quick to get information and take me on tours and present helpful information. I cannot recommend Care Patrol enough and will definitely tell others about it!

Melanie Lockerby did a FANTASTIC job for our family!!!!!!!

Audrey was so wonderful, incredibly helpful and understanding with our unique situation. Thanks for all the support and guidance!

They are so professional and caring. They treated our family as if it was their own.

Melanie was very efficient, encouraging, and friendly. We found our place with her help & would very definitely recommend her services,

Audrey was awesome! She was very knowledgeable, compassionate and professional, taking the time to tour multiple assisted living facilities with us. She helped us find the right care at a wonderful place for our aunt and uncle. Thank you!

Marta and Jenna were helpful in finding an assisted living facility for my 91 year old mom. She had just been in rehab after arm surgery and needed more assistance. She had been living in an independent retirement community. This was a difficult decision and move for my mom and her family, and we appreciate all of the help we received to place her in a safer environment. T

Marta at CarePatrol is simply amazing. She developed credibility and trust quickly with my parents as she helped us find their new home in an assisted living facility. Marta was kind and compassionate, treating everyone with great respect. She is an effective communicator and a great listener. Although we had to "kick the tires" at several places, the first one Marta showed us was a homerun and the place where my parents now call home. She directed us there after interviewing my parents and considering their needs, desires, and suggestions from family about what may be a good fit. Marta made a very stressful process simple. She was patient and did not push at all as our family deliberately made our way to a decision. My family and I will be forever grateful to Marta and CarePatrol, and we cannot recommend her highly enough!

Audrey was very helpful

The word care is correct and they are very helpful

Lauren was wonderful! I still can't believe how easy it was to find an AL community to transition my father too. Lauren filtered out the possibilities ahead of time and we fell in love with the first place we visited. He is now in his new apartment, and everything has been wonderful. I really appreciated how Lauren would check in to see how things were going as we worked through the process. I will continue to share our positive experience with my colleagues at the hospital and our family/friends. Thank you, so very much.

Working with Melanie was great! We wouldn’t have even known where to begin this process without her patiently by our side the entire time. She offered us other resources and made the transition for our love one go smoothly!

They are so helpful, above and beyond! They’re so helpful with other resources too! We found our parents a very nice, affordable assisted living facility.

Marta was very helpful in finding caregivers. I really appreciated that she followed up to determine how well the agency and the caregivers worked out. I feel that I can call her anytime if I have a question or a concern.

When it became evident that my in-laws needed to make a move, at first, I tried making calls and doing the legwork to find a senior care facility appropriate for them. I quickly discovered that it was going to take a lot more work than I had thought. After a couple of false starts, I called CarePatrol on the recommendation of 3 separate people. Our representative, Marta, worked hard for us setting appointments for tours at facilities that matched my in-laws' needs. She was patient when things needed to be rescheduled, and she was flexible with us. The rapport she established with my father-in-law was incredibly helpful, especially because he was very resistant to the idea of moving, even though it's necessary. The good relationship she had with him made things go much more smoothly than they could have. When my in-laws got cold feet and backed out of signing the lease, she called my in-laws, found out what was holding them back, and connected with the rep from the care facility to ask for a concession (it was small, but it worried my father-in-law). We made an appointment for the next day, and signed the lease.