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Cockeysville, MD
Throughout my son's short time at this location he has grown in his verbal skills as well as his social skills. When he started there he didn't want to talk to the teachers or other students. Within 3 weeks of being there he was comfortable enough to start participating in lessons, playing with the other children, and was asking to go to school on his days off. Anytime we had a question, concern, or just wanted to check in on his progress the staff were all very willing, honest, understanding, and quick to respond with empathy and offered helpful solutions. Things such as potty training schedules to customizing lesson plans to accommodate his specific needs. We have formed consistent schedules for potty training that suits both home and school schedules, and have indivualized his lesson plans so that he learns at his own pace and abilities. Even through the stress of COVID they have maintained an open level of communication even through uncertain times. They have formed new protocols to help keep the staff and students safe which makes me feel safer about keeping my son in their care. We communicated on a weekly basis about our plans, my sons health and safety, and helped answer any questions that we had about the changes that were happening. My son formed a bond with his teacher that has made me feel confident that they truly care for the students on an individual basis. She was able to identify his individual needs and use his interests in formulating lesson plans that he can both learn from and have fun with. When I would pick him up from class his teacher was always willing to give a quick report from the day and answer any questions that I had. I love that I can use the Celebree app to preview his lesson plans for the week, send messages to his teacher and director, as well as to review his daily reports which includes a picture of him doing the activities. We like to review his reports with him daily and he loves seeing his pictures and telling us about his day. When we leave school at the end of the day I ask him if he's had a good day and he's always excited to say, "good day!" Or "fun day". We are truly blessed and thankful to have this center available for my son and wouldn't send him anywhere else.

reliable, fun, accommodating

The staff keeps us very informed about our daughter's activities. We are confident she is safe and provided with wonderful learning opportunities every day

Celebree is an amazing, wholesome experience for the children in their care. My daughter had a great time daily and still remembers her summer there.

Cockeysville, MD
I like that there is more structure than other daycares. I like how the children are grouped together to be in similar age/developmental groups. Very pleased with the teachers overall!

Our teachers at Celebree are amazing! Everyone there is friendly, the school is clean and organized, the directors are wonderful!

The teachers are wonderful. The lesson plans are very helpful.

He is learning to develop socially, physically and intellectally

We have been thrilled with Celebree. We love the daily reports and pictures and it makes me so happy when I go to pick him up at the end of the day and all of the teachers throughout the school stop to say hi to my child, even though he's only been in two classrooms so far. It really helps to know that he is being well cared for.

reliable, great teachers

I like that my children enjoy seeing their teachers and friends. It is easy to see clear growth of my children based on what they have learned at school.

Online platform to promote communication and transparency and the home-school relationship.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. When I drop off the baby, I don’t have to worry about if he’s being taken care of or ignored. Each teacher in his room is very sweet and caring, not just about him but our family.

I like how friendly and kind the staff are. I like the educational programs and how well they introduce him to new things. I also like how good the communication is, including the HiMama app.

The teachers and educational environment

Lead Infant care teachers are wonderful! They are so caring, nurturing and pleasant. My child has really bonded with them and it gives me a great sense of ease knowing how well taken care of my child is.

reliability, physical school updates and cleanliness, caring teachers

He enjoys going to school daily. Teachers are a great help

I like how the teachers at Celebree treat my daughter so well and know her backwards and forwards. It makes leaving her every day a little easier because I know she is in good hands.

We love the different events and activities that are always happening. Our daughter is also actually learning, instead of just coloring or making crafts during the day. Everyone is very friendly and always helpful.