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The products that I have purchased are backed by great service. Keep up the good work.

Chanin Reaction has a family of knowledgeable friendly and helpful people who work there.

The people at Chain Reaction diagnosed my bike's problem in less than a minute and fixed it in less than 5 minutes. The pedals were replaced with price for pedals given in advance. They installed the pedals and didn't charge me for the installation! Total for this job: Less than $15. Will definitely be coming back for any work or repair to the bike that needs to be done. They also inspected my chain to see if it needed replacement and were honest about the condition of my bike. There will be things in the future (maintenance issues mostly) that I'll need to do in order to keep it running. Thanks Chain Reaction!

Service- QUICK TUrnaround. Fixed the squeak which wasnt easy to find.

You are all so customer-focused. Great service!!

Personalized service that keeps me rolling.

I have purchased 3 Trek road bikes from Chain Reaction over the past 16 years. When I first started with Chain Reaction, they were located in Los Altos which was somewhat conveniently located since I live in San Jose. Since they are now located only in Redwood City it is less than convenient to get to their shop. Why do I continue to continue with this relationship - trust, quality of service, knowledge, quality inventory. They have always had a fantastic selection of anything I am in the market for which might be a large purchase such as a bike or something trivia like a tube. They stand behind what they sell so if there is a problem, they take care of it. Everyone who works there is very knowledgeable and I have always felt very comfortable asking questions. Service has always been outstanding.

Great E-Bike service. Thank you.

We love the local, family atmosphere coupled with high technical proficiency as well as the really great selection of Trek bikes. Chain Reaction staff are always great to deal with, very fair, and a lot of fun. The very personalized service has drawn us back to Chain Reaction for more than a decade of bike purchases, tune-ups, and repairs for our whole family.

Meticulous attention to detail while fitting me for a new bike.

I come for the advice. I appreciate the store mom jumping in and encouraging the new red haired guy to try to find the parts to my pump rather than saying it’s not worth it. (sorry i don’t know anyone’s names). Definitely wanted to say his first thought about “it’s probably not worth it” was not what i came into the store looking for. I brought the pump in to try to fix it, and would have bought a new pump if it was unfixable, but i wanted to try. in the end we found a new head at the end of the pump which fit nicely on top of pump. after i got home, i was kicking myself for not trying to replace the spring inside the valve, which might have fixed it even easier. but im very happy with my new pump head thing. Really, the reason why I keep coming back with my old equipment is that yall give consistently good advice and like trying to solve my problems. That good service made me happy to eventually buy my new bike from ya’ll, even though i know i could get a cheaper one from craigslist. Keep training that guy so he doesn’t give up on the problem at hand so easy.

Just want to shout out the great service. They went above and beyond to take care of me, thank you guys so much!

Great products, superb and knowledgeable staff, and reasonable prices

friendly accurate service always helpful

Knowledgable and friendly staff

You guys just replaced a bottom bracket on my specialized rock hopper and everything‘s working great now, thanks so much. [FIRST NAME REMOVED]

Very friendly and helpful each time I visit.

Mike did a great job getting my bent derailleur and hanger working.

Great knowledge & Great customer service (both sales and repairs). Over many years we have bought 8 bikes from Mike and Steve (co-owners of Chain Reactions), six for us and two for friends. If you purchase a bike from CR, routine maintenance, e.g., cable adjustments, will be done for free for the original owner.