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Recent Reviews:

April 25, 2015
East Hampton, NY
Arrived as promised, at the end of the assigned time interval, promptly removed yhe identified items being careful not to damage anything in the process. Friendly and professional.
April 24, 2015
Terboss, Christy
I am so happy I went with CHHJ-- I am 37 weeks pregnant and my husband and I decided to downsize our furniture to make room for baby,something I had to take care of by myself since my husband is busy traveling for work. however, downsizing in NYC is almost as expensive as upgrading, and I had a hard time finding a company that would not only come pick up our bulky furniture ( for a DECENT REASONABLE PRICE) but also try to find a good home for a slightly used and incredibly comfortable piece of furniture. I had actually gone with NYCHA in the past to donate, and was beyond disappointed to learn that they have limitations to just how far they are willing to go to help others and pick up donations. They basically told me that I was on my own as far as getting the furniture out of my apartment, but they'd gladly do the easy parts of picking up the furniture and taking it away. Remember, 37 weeks pregnant. Not much I can do to lift anything lately. This was not the case with CHHJ. I had the pleasure of getting Tyler and Eric D as my movers, and they were so extremely polite and told me that my furniture was going back to their warehouse to get spruced up before they found a good home for it. This company is absolutely fantastic and the most reasonably priced out of any junk/furniture removal service in the city. I will most definitely be recommending them to anyone and everyone who needs to get rid of furniture in the future.
April 24, 2015
Singer, Linda
The workers, John and Matt, were friendly, upbeat, and were very positive. We felt as though there would be no problem for them to remove my Dad's furniture. Also, I was very happy to find out that your company donates the goods to those in need. That was very important to me. I have already recommended your company to people I have spoken to.
April 24, 2015
Next day service was very much appreciated!
April 24, 2015
New York City, NY
The hunks were very polite and helpful; I also loved that they would take anything, not just nice furniture
April 23, 2015
The crew was really professional and helpful When I had to make several cancellations and changes because of the winter weather, it wasn't an issue.
April 23, 2015
Manhasset, NY
knobs missing from dresser, took apart stair railing and didn't put it back together. Otherwise liked the guys and they did a good job, just seemed to be in a little bit of a hurry at end of the day.
April 23, 2015
Brooklyn, NY
Fast, easy, and truly stress free.
April 22, 2015
That all was carefully wrapped and unpacked and reassembled without the stress.
April 22, 2015
Wantagh, NY
Easy to arrange service, the price quote has no hidden fees, you are fast & efficient!
April 21, 2015
Kowler, Jennifer
Hauppauge, NY
I was so impressed. My 3 movers were here on Saturday 4/18 to me into a new apt and I was 100% satisfied with my mover . The were prompt, accommodating, friendly, quick and not mention took very good care of my belongings. This was legit a stress free move and would recommend all to use College Hunks company!!!!
April 21, 2015
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Friendly workers who work quickly. Fair service.
April 21, 2015
They were very courteous, on-time and fast.
April 21, 2015
The boys did great work - what disappointed me was receiving a telephone quote that the cost would be $650 maximum and when they arrived the price went to $729 for an alleged full truck load. Highly doubt I will ever need your services again.
April 21, 2015
Farmingville, NY
The on-line booking was super easy. The boys showed up right on time and were polite and courteous. They moved very heavy large pieces of furniture and were so careful not to damage anything in the house. Wonderful experience and we would use College Hunks Hauling Junk again. Very few companies today have this quality and standard of service. Thank you.
April 17, 2015
It was very stress-free
April 16, 2015
Rockville Centre, NY
Easy and convenient process from web site to actual visit by the crew. Guys were great, professional and friendly. Would certainly use you guys again !
April 15, 2015
New York City, NY
The team was very helpful over the phone and the guys showed up on time. I was getting rid of housewares and some furniture because I am renovating my apartment. The two guys showed up and we discussed price - they charged me the max that was quoted over the phone. Although these things were categorized as "junk" it was to go to Goodwill because it could be useful to someone. Meaning, it wasn't garbage. One of the guys was very polite and helpful the other guy (the lead) seamed distracted and rushed. He was trying to carry too much at once and was being quite careless and pushing the other guy to do the same. I understand that they wanted to do this as quickly as possible. I had a glass-top coffee table that they carried out. They dropped it in front of my building and it shattered all over the sidewalk in the entryway to my building. I live in a co-op and things like this are very touchy. The president of my co-op talked to them and told them they had to do a thorough job of cleaning it up. I immediately got an email from the managing agent from my building asking me to be sure the mess was cleaned up completely since it was broken glass. This was a level of stress I did not need. The lead guy could not talk in a normal voice and seemed to be constantly shouting throughout the move. I had to go out and double check for glass and there was still some right in the doorway. Basically, whether you are moving garbage or valuables you need to be aware and respectful of your surroundings. I totally understand that accidents happen, but when they are the product of carelessness, I think it is unacceptable. The lead guy came back up to the apartment to have me pay - he had blood on his hands and arms. He was more interested in the baseball player he met on the street outside my place than the fact that the table broke all over the place or that he was bleeding. He did apologize and did clean it up, but the level of professionalism was very low. It took him a while to run my card since he was texting and calling people about the baseball player. I do want to stress that the other guy was very professional polite. Overall, this did not go as I had expected and caused me a lot of grief and that is why I cannot recommend your service or use you again myself.
April 15, 2015
That it is stress free
April 14, 2015
Dornisch, Michele
Glen Cove, NY
Not to be obvious, but the best thing about a stress free service is that it is actually stress free. These guys were pleasant and polite, they worked hard, they worked fast, and they truly helped with everything I needed (like telling me what was in boxes). More importantly, they hauled away truckloads of junk that would have otherwise taken me years to dispose of.