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February 19, 2017
Houston, TX
Hi I thought the fellows who took care of me were sweet gentleman, but I was disappointed, unfortunately. The positives: My fragile furniture was well wrapped - with exception to one of my mirrors (it was last to be loaded because I almost missed it, but it still should have been wrapped), Pace was not bad, and the assistance with reassembling items was good. The negatives: They dropped my desk chair from upper level of the delivery truck to the ground. That chair costed me over $100 dollars. It is scratched up now. The very SAME chair was then used as a stepping stool for assembling my bookshelves without my permission - mind you the chair has a pressure lever to allow it to rise and fall. I am aware there was a ladder in the delivery truck to be used, but they just did not bother to go and get it. When I saw and told him, I was basically brushed off, unless he just did not hear me. I find using a client's furniture without permission and in the manner COMPLETELY unacceptable. It was HIGHLY unprofessional. I am even more angry that it is the EXACT same chair that was dropped from upper truck height! That was a far fall! Also, I think you all should make a point to have your delivery men wear carpet booties when they enter into a home. In your request for reviews, have a mini questionnaire that ask whether or not it was used. It would have been greatly appreciated, and I am sure many past and future customers with a carpeted new home would appreciate it as well. Asking if the booties were used in a carpeted home confirms that that level of service was not neglected and is expected of all employees all the time, and reflects back on you all as caring.
February 15, 2017
Houston, TX
Way too expensive to remove 2 pieces of furniture. One bed frame and one dresser should not cost $260 to remove. Disappointed in cost.
February 11, 2017
Houston, TX
Super quick, incredibly polite.
February 6, 2017
Houston, TX
Responsive and good communications.
February 5, 2017
Houston, TX
Drivers were prompt, efficient and courteous. Thanks!
February 4, 2017
Houston, TX
Professional courteous service from the initial phone contact to working with the personnel.
February 3, 2017
Houston, TX
Equipment is in very good condition, associates are very professional, and friendly. They get the job done. Rick Graham
February 2, 2017
Houston, TX
Courteous young men who came in and strategized on the most practical way to handle the job. And succeeding in doing the job. Thanks for providing this service!!
January 31, 2017
Bellaire, TX
It's expensive, but definitely stress free and the guys were very nice
January 30, 2017
Houston, TX
The College Hunks team swooped in and got me packed for my upcoming renovation at my townhome! Could not have done it without them! Thanks so much. I am telling everyone I know about you!
January 28, 2017
Houston, TX
Courtesy. Prompt.
January 27, 2017
Houston, TX
January 24, 2017
Houston, TX
The two guys were very nice and professional! They did a great job working fast and doing it correct the first time!
January 22, 2017
Pearland , TX
Staff need more supervision on-site and re-training in move procedures. I believe they were under-staffed for job, which led to extra time the next day and fatigue. While they did not complain in front of the home owners, it was obvious they were ready to go on 2nd night. They tried to get work order signed off without final walk through and acknowledging that Ethan Allen cabinet was poorly assembled (cord sticking out between pieces that were precision fit, uneven and obvious poorly-fitted). When brought back from outside and asked about cabinet, the answer was that the floor of a just-built Perry home was uneven (cabinet was obviously not assembled properly). I will pay Ethen Allen to fix and replace any missing parts. Left blankets and tools at 2 sites. Missing some hardware for triple dresser (contacting Gallery Furniture to replace, after unsuccessful attempt to replace at hardware store). Padding and protection was not usually used until an accident occurred. We have a 10-inch gash in a wall from the fridge install, as well as minor scratches. Luckily, Perry Homes will be coming in to repair these things on the house as part of the house purchase. Customers in older homes will not be in the same position. Any furniture scratches will be covered with furniture pens. Even with the best movers, some of this is expected in the chaos. The workers are good guys, however I believe they were under-staffed on the first day, and need re-training on procedures. Padding should be put in place first and without asking. Three guys are always better than two. Get lifting straps to save you from injury, and find an established method to keep hardware together during the move (large boxes or canvas bags?). Lastly, do a final walk-through with owner before trying to leave. If there are any issues, discuss them with the owner and come to an understanding before you leave. Do not try to leave without letting the owner at least know of something that is obviously incorrect. If these items are done, then I believe everyone will be happier. Regards, Lane Meyer
January 19, 2017
Houston, TX
Two very courteous and smart young men came within an hour of my call for help with removing and discarding a large, unwieldy old pedestal TV down a flight of stairs. We decided it was too expensive to repair and donate and so they quickly grabbed tools and dismantled it for recycling. They were careful, thoughtful, professional and a pleasure to work with. My college hunks were gentlemen and this service is now in my "keeper" list of service providers! Thank you!
January 16, 2017
Houston, TX
Positives: Guys were work horses; I rarely saw them stop. They were team players despite all the constant rearranging of the furniture. Areas for improvement: Better attention to requests. We had to ask not once or twice but several times for things to be done. Items that were asked to be transported didn't make it onto the truck, other items that were asked not to be transported did and at that point it was too much trouble to ask them to unload. They could clean up after themselves better. We had water bottles, empty tape rolls, used plastic rolls and all sorts of trash left everywhere. They also left things just sitting in random areas instead of tidying up before they left the first house. They could have offered to help carry things to the car when the truck was full rather than just standing there and staring as I carried the items to my car. They could have been smarter about taking breaks. They made poor decisions when they were exhausted and dropped/ potentially damaged items that could have been prevented. We could tell they were getting upset as the day wore on. Their agitation was evident when they wanted to leave and we still had things that required attention. They could also be better aware of their equipment. They inadvertently walked away with some of my straps and equipment covers. They were also inconsistent about the items they unwrapped. Overall: We truly appreciated all the heavy lifting they did; however, did they provide an exceptional service that makes us want to highly recommend them for the future, I'm on the fence. There are definite areas of improvement that could make your services far exceed my expectations.
January 13, 2017
Houston, TX
Movers showed up on time and did a great job moving our furnishings. They were courteous and very careful when wrapping the furniture and moving it out of one location and into another. I will call them again for any other moves.
January 9, 2017
Houston, TX
Identify al the moving cost prior to coming for the move
January 7, 2017
Houston, TX
hard working, honest movers
January 3, 2017
Houston, TX
The owner and crew were very polite, very clean cut and very professional. Did a great job of moving all around. I highly recommend them. Clint Morse